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Four teams competed in parallel dual meets at the Sedona Community Pool on Thursday, Sept. 14.

Sedona Red Rock High School swam against Gilbert Christian High School while Northland Preparatory Academy took on Scottsdale Christian Academy.

Sedona Red Rock High School swimmers race against Chandler Preparatory Academy swimmers on Aug. 31. The Scorpions beat Gilbert Christian High School 109-72 on Thursday, Sept. 14.
The Scorpions beat the Knights by a combined score of 109-72; the boys tied 47-47 while the girls won handily, 62-25.

Northland Prep beat Scottsdale Christian 125-48 combined, the boys winning 63-19 and the girls 62-29.

It was Red Rock’s third dual meet of the season, and second combined score win.

Friday, Sept. 22, marks the Scorpions’ annual 24-hour relay, which serves as a team fundraiser. Swimmers will begin at 4 p.m. and will continue on until 4 p.m. the following day.

The next competitive meet is on Thursday, Sept. 28, at home against Bourgade Catholic High School.

Scorpions Swim Results

Girls: 62-25
Boys: 47-47
Combined: 109-72

200-yard medley relay
[Mia Sadler, Eva Holowacz, Brittany Medel, Ellie Seip], 2:32.47, Fourth

200-yard freestyle
Seip, 2:40.90, Fourth

200-yard individual medley
Dezra Dana, 2:49.85, First

50-yard freestyle
Seip, 30.41, Fifth

100-yard freestyle
Eva Holowacz, 1:09.22, Sixth

100-yard butterfly
Jaxon Oles, 1:16.50, Second

500-yard freestyle
Oles, 6:35.46, Second
Brittany Medel, 7:18.49, Fifth

200-yard freestyle relay
[Zoe Porteous, Dana, Eva Holowacz, Oles], 1:57.21, Second

100-yard breaststroke
Porteous, 1:16.94, Second

400-yard freestyle relay
[Eva Holowacz, Oles, Dana, Porteous], 4:28.22, Second

200 medley relay
[Andrew Tate, Zach Dana, Parker Reed, Winston Cox], 2:03.28, Second

200 individual medley
Dana, 2:33.47, Third

50 freestyle
Cox, 26.81, Third
Lagorio, 27.09, Fifth

100 butterfly
Tate, 1:00.69, First
Reed, 1:14.84, Fourth

100-yard freestyle
Parrella, 1:03.37, Fifth

500 freestyle
Tate, 5:22.97, Second

200 freestyle relay
[Cox, Dana, Parrella, Tate], 1:45.50, First

400 freestyle relay
[Reed, Parrella, Lagorio, Sasha Conway], 4:16.81, Fourth