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The Big Park Community School basketball team defeated Camp Verde Middle School 53-44 on Wednesday, Jan. 17.
By Nick Ruland
Larson Newspapers

The Big Park Community School basketball team defeated Camp Verde Middle School 53-44 on Wednesday, Jan. 17.

The boys were down 13-2 early after a Camp Verde big man proved hard to stop inside.

The Coyotes lacked energy.

“We were down early as usual,” Head Coach Dan Wolfe said.

“I gave a brilliant pre-game speech about desire and playing with heart. It even moved me to tears, and we still came out flat,” Wolfe said.

Big Park changed its defense to try and stop CVMS’ inside presence early before re-adjusting to its normal look.

Big Park tied CVMS at 10 points apiece in the second quarter but were still down six points in the game going into the second half.

Big Park began to chop away. Energy picked up, shots started to fall inside and a three-quarters-court press helped create a bevy of game-changing turnovers.

“We picked up the pace, got turnovers and our intensity was better. We started running them,” Wolfe said.

Big Park exploded in the fourth quarter, outscoring Camp Verde 24-9.

Bradley Cox, who Wolfe predicts will be much like his older brother at Sedona Red Rock High School, initiated the hustle for BPCS. Cox’ numerous dives on the floor were just as important as his 10 points.

“He had a breakout game,” Wolfe said.

Martin “Turkey” Galvez had 18 points, Jairo Dominguez had 12 and Blake Barker added 10.

Big Park is 9-4 with three games remaining. Currently, BPCS is the third seed in the regional tournament.

The win over CVMS will be the lone victory over the two top teams in the region. The Coyotes have already fulfilled their schedule obligations against CVMS and juggernaut Beaver Creek School with four total games and three overall losses.

Big Park has three games remaining, including a bout against rival West Sedona School on Tuesday, Jan. 23, at WSS.

“We have positioned ourselves where we need to be. We needed a strong second half of the season and we needed this game badly. So far we have gotten both,” Wolfe said.

The regional tournament will begin Friday, Feb. 2.


Girls beat Camp Verde

The Big Park girls basketball team defeated Camp Verde Middle School by one point on the road Wednesday, Jan. 17.

The girls held off a rally to obtain the crucial win against one of the region’s top teams.

According to Head Coach Chrissy Walter, Micki Jovanovich had her best game of the season.

“She is playing with a lot of confidence,” Walter said.

The girls are 11-1 with two games remaining.

They will host West Sedona School on Tuesday, Jan 23.