Did you have to get a permission slip from your parents when you were in school? Well school’s out for many of us, but whose permission are you still seeking?

Some people seem like they don’t seek God, Creator’s permission when they act out in a way that we deem abusive or just impolite. Others use God as their excuse for those behaviors. Forgive them, for they know not what they do.

Winter is upon us - although the 55 degree weather and clear blue skies hide the fact that the entire east coast of the US just got buried under a few feet of snow.  Our winter real estate market should be fairly slow - if we use past years as a guide.  However there are 343 residential units currently on the market in Sedona and 53 are tied up with buyers at this time.  That means we only have 290 residential units available - broken down into 239 homes, 38 condos and patio homes, and more than a dozen Manufactured homes.  Our lower end inventory is flagging - so look for prices to continue to rise in the sub $500k market.  There are only 68 single family homes available in all of town - but if we cut out the VOC, Oak Creek Canyon and Loop Road areas and only look at the city limits - then we have only 26 available homes.  Tight inventory for sure. 

Both experienced agents and informed sellers realize that the market ramps up in activity levels in the beginning of March, so I'm sure there are a few dozen sellers in town waiting for the more active Spring market before they make their homes available on the open market.  This is good, as there's a pent up demand for good homes priced at the current market value.  I know that I've been saying this for a few years, but I'd also expect to see a little more activity in the vacant land market - as prices here have not made a comeback at all - so there's good investment opportunities in bare land if you're willing to build or holidng for long term. 

Any questions or comments on the local real estate market - comment below or contact me directly!  Happy 2016!



Is it the Age of Aquarius?  If so, what does that mean?  First of all, every year the Sun goes into the zodiac portion of the sky we call Aquarius. That just occurred Wednesday, Jan. 20, so the spotlight of the Sun will be showcasing Aquarian qualities for about a month.

You may or may not have made new year resolutions, but be honest, if you did, do yours end up the same, year after year, disintegrated from non-use?

If you don’t make resolutions, do you, then, work on perfecting yourself anyway, throughout the year?

The Twelve days of Christmas began on Christmas Day. As an astrologer for many decades, I can pass along some little-known insight. The twelve days we are experiencing right now are going to mirror back to us, how we have been, and are, conducting ourselves, come the next 12 months. What? Yes! Twelve days, twelve months.

Road trip.  I’d rather drive than fly…I’ve flown across the country and driven cross country, both, but this time the decision was road trip.

With companion by my side, no, not the furry kind, but the man kind, I took the wheel and scurried down Arizona into New Mexico, and settled in Texas.

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