Is it the Age of Aquarius?  If so, what does that mean?  First of all, every year the Sun goes into the zodiac portion of the sky we call Aquarius. That just occurred Wednesday, Jan. 20, so the spotlight of the Sun will be showcasing Aquarian qualities for about a month.

You may or may not have made new year resolutions, but be honest, if you did, do yours end up the same, year after year, disintegrated from non-use?

If you don’t make resolutions, do you, then, work on perfecting yourself anyway, throughout the year?

The Twelve days of Christmas began on Christmas Day. As an astrologer for many decades, I can pass along some little-known insight. The twelve days we are experiencing right now are going to mirror back to us, how we have been, and are, conducting ourselves, come the next 12 months. What? Yes! Twelve days, twelve months.

Road trip.  I’d rather drive than fly…I’ve flown across the country and driven cross country, both, but this time the decision was road trip.

With companion by my side, no, not the furry kind, but the man kind, I took the wheel and scurried down Arizona into New Mexico, and settled in Texas.

The slow winter season has begun, but it's been a heck of a ride for 2016.  It started off busy, heated up even more in Spring and then seemed to slip a bit during the summer.  Our busy fall season was late to start and came and went quickly. 

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