Like a slingshot pulled back, we will eventually be shot into the air with farther and greater reach than before. We are now literally in the stage of being pulled back… in time! Can you grasp that concept?

Just as in sleep, we involuntarily surrender to our eyes closing, stopping our forward motions in the outer world, and whether you are aware or not, we dream. We become refreshed, body and soul. What a God-given miracle.

Are you breathing heavy? Things too much? Do you see signs of slowing down or feel strong winds? Could you withstand a standstill? Don’t hold your breath, instead take a deep breath.

For those in the know, we can go with the flow, and use this time of Change in the Wind, the way it is meant, for your good.

Clay Workshops and Loving Bowls Studio Sessions Begin Soon


Have you always wanted to create something amazing with just your two hands and some clay? Then Sedona Arts Center’s Ceramics Studio is the right place for you.

From April 11, a new series of ceramics workshops begins in the Art Barn studio. Three different six-week courses, all open to the public regardless of previous experience, will focus on working with clay and creating beautiful objects by hand.

Courses include Ceramics for All Levels taught by Dennis Ott, director of the Arts Center’s ceramics studio, and Pottery Wheel for Beginners, taught by Richard Bayles. Hand Building Ceramics, with instructor Suzy Allan, will also be offered for those 12 years old and up.

“Our Ceramic Studio strives to present the latest clay techniques and advanced trends in the ceramic world, but is also known as a place that welcomes beginners and newcomers,” said Ott. “We provide a nurturing environment in the Art Barn, and a place where students can grow and creativity is always nurtured.”

All of the upcoming ceramics classes are $220 (with a discount to $202 for Arts Center members) and include some materials for the class such as 25 pounds of clay, kiln firings, glazings and one open studio session per week. Registrations are limited to ensure everyone receives individual instruction and development that is personal to them.

For those who have experience in ceramics studios, the Arts Center has now opened its 2016 Loving Bowls weekly production. Each year local potters volunteer their time and make over 1,000 bowls, which are offered at the popular event to raise support for the Arts Center, Sedona Food Bank, and Sedona Community Center. This year’s Loving Bowls event is planned for December 10, 2016 and experienced potters can now get involved by contacting the Arts Center.

“The making of Loving Bowls, every Thursday afternoon from now to late November, is a labor of love,” said Ott. “It’s also a wonderfully creative time in our studio, and a fun opportunity for people to contribute to our community."

To sign up for a ceramics class, or get involved in Loving Bowls, contact the Arts Center office at 928-282-3809.


Sedona Arts Center is a nonprofit organization, established in 1958, and dedicated to the creative life of Sedona. The Art Center’s ceramics studio is active year-round and welcomes people of all abilities. Other programs include a diverse fine art gallery and exhibitions, hundreds of arts education offerings, cultural celebrations and festivals, and much more. For more information any of the Arts Center’s efforts, call 928-282-3809 (office), 928-282-3865 (gallery) or visit



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