The Big Bang Theory. Here’s my take on the above, date of energetic new birth event, Friday, March 2o, which impact also includes a fresh squaring off of two powerful planets, Pluto and Uranus, for the 7th and last time, throughout the last two years.  Why, in heaven, do you ask is this impactful?

Impact in a good way. We’ve been sent two years of energies urging us to shift ourselves into new angles of living our lives. Who are we really? Who are we going to be in this new cycle we sense is coming around us?

Let go and let God. As above, so below. It’s new bloom time, but not just the same springtime as every spring; this is eclipsing out big outdated, old ways, as energies of new paradigms are fate arriving, with a new destiny.

Since all is spirit made matter, how’s your spirit been doing? What might it be manifesting for you? How about letting go of old ways of reacting and allow your better destiny to take you on its magic carpet ride? Let go and let God.

Call it the universe, if you prefer, or your name of choice. Just put a toe in the water and have faith your new road is empowering and good for the greater good. We can often change outcomes just in the nick of time by wholeheartedly knowing the truth and expecting only good. Whala.

The zodiac signs involved, in which these energies are spilling their sparkling shine on us, are Pisces and Aries. The last sign and the first sign of the zodiac. The alpha and the omega. Endings and beginnings.

Spread your wings and fly on the wave of lofty air, feeling bliss from Pisces and surrendering to the magic carpet ride into the unknown, with faith. Arrive in new Aries, with a new identity. Bravely being spiritually authentic, leading the way by empowering others to follow your inspiration.

Part of my new destiny is a new nurturing Reading healing room location in West Sedona as of April 1. Letting go of the previous office I leased for over 5 years. Excited, energizing, new blooms are showing beautiful colors, and part of the blessing is passed to you in new prices. Yay.

What are your new colors? Shine brightly, proudly. Happy rebirth, child of God.  You are always loved and life can be your dream merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily. Go in that new direction.

Love from Rachel Star of Sedona

Rachel moves her nurturing Reading Room to West Sedona beginning April first. Lower overhead is your benefit, in new rates. Join classes Fridays at 4:00. View her website where you can learn. Call 928-282-3444, 850-566-6698, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and LIKE her Facebook page, Rachel Star of Sedona. Each accurate, empowering, healing, guiding Reading renders insightful inspiration channeled via loving Tarot, Astrology, Past Life insight, Numbers , a 100% accurate Cards system... Feel physical and emotional relief with Reiki or medicine-grade essential oils.

Spring buying season is in full swing - with 70+ residential units (homes, condos, etc) tied up with buyers.  Inventory has ticked up slightly - we're currently at 409 homes on market.  IF we only count Single Family homes, then the currently available homes drop to 286.  Buyer activity seems strong with some mulitple offer situations on well priced homes.  There aren't multiple offers on many homes, but if you see a deal - you'd be wise to act sooner than later.  Highest activity levels seem to be in the sub $300k price range (only 14 available homes under $300k) and in the 300-500k price range (20% of listed homes are tied up with buyers).  I've been showing properties in the 500-600k range more often than any other range and the pickin's are slim.  The best ones are already tied up with buyers.  We need more inventory in this price range...

Vacant land is still fairly steady - with 338 available lots in town - and 16 tied up with buyers.  I still think that we're a few months (or a year) off from seeing higher activity levels for vacant land, but I do remember the days when you couldn't find a vacant parcel in West Sedona for under $300k.  That was about 10 years ago...  I have seen some decent view lots on sewer for about half of that amount, but affordable view lots sell fairly well.  Contact your agent or ask me for guidance if you're ready to start your search!


Over the past decade our local Sedona real estate market has some consistencies (even through the downturn of 2008-2012).  Home sales are generally slow in the winter and summer months and busy in the spring and autumn.  This spring is shaping up to meet and potentially beat our expectations as we're off to a roaring start of the Spring buying season - fueled by high demand, low prices and fantastic weather.  70 degree days in February and March encourage visitors from colder climates that Sedona is THE place to be.  Whether they're looking to move their families to raise kids in a small town, retire in the red rocks, or buy a vacation home to support their mountain biking habit, Sedona has it all. 

There are currently 389 homes on the market, but only 315 are truly available.  Simple math tells us that 74 homes are already in escrow - or in the process of being bought by a ready willing and able buyer.  That makes 20% of the available homes out of the running for lookers and buyers.  If we take out manufactured homes, mobiles, condos, etc... then you'll see that there are only 264 homes available.   If you're looking to purchase a home under $500k, then there are only 86 available homes...  The best homes that are correctly priced are selling in a matter or days or weeks.  That's generally a precursor for an upward push in prices - look for that soon. 

Vacant land seems to be moving as well - although not as fast as home sales.  There are currently 328 vacant lots on the market with 315 truly available.  So, there are 13 lots in escrow... representing less than 5% of lots that are tied up with a buyer.  I believe that the market for vacant land will also rise over the coming year, and that we'll first see a spike of activity followed by gentle price increases.  Let's see if I'm right in March 2016!

It’s just been happening, hasn’t it? ‘Cause we’ve been being influenced toward the Full Moon Thursday, March 5. The Full Moon is in the Virgo segment of the zodiac and as full as she can get. Now comes the culmination and pay-off for thoughts and efforts leading up to now.

Have you learned yet that the Moon reflects how we will all emotionally feel, by the traits of the zodiac sign she is in? Each planet and zodiac sign have positive and challenging aspects; it’s our free will that draws the type of situations we will experience.

In Virgo choices of traits, we want to write our lists, take care of business, put things in order, fix and edit what’s going on, work, organize the details, clean, perfect, and be of service. Feel virginal in awe of the sacredness of God’s world.

Focus on diet, exercise and our routines. But the Moon is also full, shedding its complete light on all possible Virgoan characteristics.

Alternatively the mind may default to worry and criticism, perfectionism, and going too far into obsession. Only focusing at faults and looking at the half empty glass. No howling at the moon, please.

Understandably, full Moon also fills us full of emotions. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which is the messenger. Virgo is refining information, tweaking, sorting through what’s superficial from what’s in the light.

Perhaps you have been dealing with intellectual thought processes and the emotions they create, but also rightly throwing out what doesn’t serve your mind.

Cleaning ourselves out and up sometimes feels like fatigue, stomach aches, fever, sore throat, headache, weakness, chills, mucousy, breathing regulation; all opportunities to let go of inflamed emotions.

Watch how quickly we heal when we heal mentally with forgiving, including ourselves. Learning from all challenges instead of believing in guilt or shame.

Emotional issues truly get our attention now, like the spotlight of the emotional moon shining focus to us. Physician, heal thyself. If you have health questions, I offer a complimentary conversation. Just mention this article.

Virgo rules the health, so how is your health? Mental and physical? If you have been having mental or physical issues, rejoice to know you’re throwing out what was sick inside!

Thoughts create the physical state, remember, so perfect yourself, clean up and live in the light.

Now add this information to my most recent article, Fire in the Sky, and realize this cleaning up you’re doing is serving the new you, new life, your future changed scenarios.

Food and exercise are highlighted while Moon is in Virgo. Make those delicious healthy recipes and make it a new habit; as habits and routines come under the Virgo hat.

Keep in mind the logical, left-brain Virgo busy mind will need plenty of rest, comforts and spiritually human compassion to keep the mind sharply open for sacred wisdoms, via open-hearted warm inner feelings.

In just over two weeks, on March 20, a Solar Eclipse is due in Virgo’s opposite sign, Pisces. Get ready for your fate and destiny to be eclipsed out of the old and into a brand new long-building and lasting cycle.

How Pisces blissfully inspired or Pisces sad you, deep-down, expect your life to be, will be manifested by what you impress upon your subconscious.

This, by your inner beliefs about yourself, what you truly believe you deserve, and whatever you perceive and believe about that mysterious energy of the unseen divine good in our lives, that I call God.

Do you think you deserve punishment? Think you are ready and able to live in utopia? Feel it into feeling like you already live it. Then when it manifests it will feel like a usual habit you’re already at home with.

Pisces rules what I refer to as the God realm; the esoteric and that which is ruled by your imagination and perceptual spiritual awareness. Do you imagine fears? Do you visualize bliss? Now is the time to begin fantasizing well, like Disney’s world, but only Your World.

Pisces rules the muses; the inspiration by intuition, the music, the art. This is a peak time to notice how you feel and what your feelings are indicating, as far as choices for you.

Would you like to have that angelic communication? Are you ready to feel in touch with your body’s wisdom? Try this test.

Focus on some kind of danger you could see if you turn your head to the right, right now. Feel that? Now think about an angel caressing your cheek, holding you protectively for all time. Feel that?

Use that barometer to make decisions!  Think about something. Does it feel good or is there some feeling getting in the way? Keep testing your (Pisces) intuition and it will become refined and sacred in your life, assisting you in keeping things cleaned up, in order, in spiritual clarity, and in service to life.

I’ll save you from all the Virgo details to the nth degree. Let it just suffice to say that there are so many life-changing, significant shifts in the month of March that you’ll look back at how much changed.

Follow your star light.

Love from Rachel Star of Sedona

Join Rachel’s weekly classes Fridays at 4:00. View her website where you can learn about astrology. Reach Rachel at 928-282-3444, 850-566-6698, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and LIKE her Facebook page, Rachel Star of Sedona. Each accurate, positive, empowering, healing Reading is tremendously insightful with spiritual inspiration via loving Tarot, Astrology, Past Life insight, Numbers , also a 100% accurate very little-known Cards system. Rates are currently discounted in March. Feel immediate physical and emotional relief with Reiki or Young Living medicine-grade essential oils. Call for your complimentary experience.

Sedona Arts Center Ceramics Department Head, Dennis Ott (red shirt) unloading bricks for use in constructing the wood-fired kilnThe Sedona Arts Center Ceramics Department’s outreach program traveled to Nicaragua with Dr. Julie Williams to join her nonprofit Humanitarian Efforts Reaching Out (HERO) for an 8-day humanitarian mission last month. SAC Department head Dennis Ott and ceramics student Lew Reilly worked with representatives from Potters for Peace, a nonprofit worldwide humanitarian organization, to build a kiln that will enable locals to create clay water filters for purifying drinking water and vessels for irrigation.

On January 28, the group of 14 volunteers (four of them SAC members) arrived at Managua, Nicaragua, and traveled three hours by dirt road to Chinandega. There the group was hosted by Monty’s Surf Camp where they stayed for 8 days. Dennis and Lew worked with staff from Potters for Peace on the construction of a wood-fired kiln.

“It was heavy, dirty, satisfying work,” said Ott. “The experience of a lifetime.”

Potters for Peace helps communities set up workshops so that locals can produce the clay vessels themselves. The water filters that will be fired in the new kiln will remove pathogens and other contaminants found in local water sources. The vessels used in irrigation are designed to be buried near plantings, then filled with water that leaches slowly through the porous walls into the soil. They are refilled as needed.

The remaining twelve volunteers, including SAC members Jack Wooldrik and Julie Williams, worked on building a brick dwelling for a deserving local family and also cataloging and storing a large quantity of medication to be used for a HERO medical mission in March. HERO was founded in Sedona by Dr. Williams and a small group of people who wanted to offer assistance to those in need. It began as a grassroots medical team that traveled to the remote mountains of Honduras and expanded to a diverse group of volunteers, giving them the ability to serve more people in many more ways.

Working hard for 8 days, they were able to complete the kiln and build 75 percent of the house. One hot afternoon they went by boat to a nearby island to help release 500 endangered black sea turtles that had just hatched at a sea turtle conservatory.

Dennis Ott described his experience in Nicaragua as “unforgettable” and was appreciative of the things we take for granted here in the United States. Living without hot water at the touch of a tap, air conditioning regulated by thermostats, proper sanitation, a wide variety of foods and so many other things, opened his eyes to how a large part of the world lives on a daily basis.

“I have never worked with such a dedicated group of selfless people. They never complained during their entire stay, yet worked very hard to complete their mission.” A bit choked up, Dennis said, “I was just happy to do something to help change the lives of these people who live by a very different standard … to help them on the path to better education, irrigation, clean water and more.”

If you’re not already on fire, to begin a new chapter in your life, hold on, because the fire in the sky will light you up, and get things going.

You may already know that the elements of life are air, water, fire and earth. The signs of the zodiac each  resonate to one of the elements. To me, air represents thought, water the emotion, fire the passion to act on the above, (the ignition turned on), and earth the groundedness of manifestation!

Someone without a lot of fire in their birth astrology chart probably appreciates the people in their lives who have enough fire to help them get going; become inspired, motivated and answer the call to action.

Those with lots of fire can be busy, active, running, exercising, or in some way burning with desire. The fire signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Careful of too much fire, too often; you can ‘burn out.’

Most of you won’t even be aware of how much fire is in your birth astrology chart, because many don’t follow astrology. Your sun sign may be in air, water or an earth sign, but other heavenly bodies may have been in fire signs when you were birthed and took your first breath of the heavenly energies.

Or you may have many heavenly bodies in houses that are fire sign houses. The first house is Aries; fifth house, Leo; and ninth house Sagittarius. By the way, in over 26,000 years, no two people would be alike.

Venus (love and the feminine desires) and Mars (passion and the male action to get Venus’ desires) love to be together, as you might expect. This doesn’t happen as often as we might like, but they are close together now, and both will be in Aries as of Thursday and Friday, Feb. 19 and 20. Venus for about a month and Mars a couple of weeks longer than Venus.  Oooh la la, love ignited!

Beginning Friday, the 20th of February, the Moon (effecting everyone’s emotional impulses) will be in Aries, too, for a few days, and we’ll all feel like jumping into something head first. Sometimes Aries acts before thinking, so with this understanding, we can decide if we should dive in.

Uranus is also in Aries (for a few more years). The planet of surprise and sudden occurrences may give us a shock if something unexpectedly changes the direction in our lives. Especially March 11 when Mars, the ignition, meets up with life changing Uranus (both in new beginnings Aries.)

But, wait, ladies and gentlemen. There is even more fire. It’s becoming a bigger bonfire. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and blessings, is in romantic, take a risk Leo (till mid August). And Saturn, planet of the work to do for manifestation, is in Sagittarius for a couple more years, making certain we shoot that arrow into the air optimistically and with wisdom.

Let’s say, if you’re not already aware of your change, by end of March we should know our next future playing field, and our consciousness will be embracing the new, evolved You.

Too much information? Read between the lines to know that your life is in flux, and perhaps still preparing you to be new. You can assist in the crafting of your new sailboat. Make it sturdy, with good quality, do your research to make it right, and long-lasting, then ride the winds of change and anchor upon arrival.

If you prefer a hot air balloon ride, and making your own fire, have plenty of fuel on hand, and cruise through the air, easily, to your next destination in life.

Smooth sailing, matey!

Love from Rachel Star of Sedona

Join Rachel’s weekly classes Fridays at 4:00. View The Sedona New Age Show weekly from her website where you can learn astrology, and read daily astrology forecasts. Reach Rachel at 928-282-3444, 850-566-6698, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and LIKE her Facebook page, Rachel Star of Sedona. Each accurate, positive, empowering, healing Reading is tremendously insightful with spiritual inspiration via loving Tarot, Astrology, Past Life insight, Numbers , also a 100% accurate very little-known Cards system. Phone and local resident rates are discounted. Feel immediate physical and emotional relief with Reiki or Young Living medicine-grade essential oils.

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