Are you breathing heavy? Things too much? Do you see signs of slowing down or feel strong winds? Could you withstand a standstill? Don’t hold your breath, instead take a deep breath.

For those in the know, we can go with the flow, and use this time of Change in the Wind, the way it is meant, for your good.

Here comes a holy day this Sunday, Easter. I have some Easter stories for you to ponder that may be fascinating.

How good was your morning? Let me, instead, ask, how good did you create your morning to be? From the moment our eyes open (not controlled by you), what are the first thoughts that you meet?

What is magic? Is it the trade of magicians, the feeling of falling in love, or the moment of seeing your newborn child? Perhaps it is the awe of seeing and being in Sedona, or another heart-thrilling experience for you. Certainly all of those evoke exceptional reactions in us.

I’ll tell you where your opportunities lie. However, keep in mind that they have to be acted upon or they just fly over. To take action, one must know the when.

How much do you know about astrology; God’s language to us, for enabling our best paths to destiny? (See my website for biblical quotes.)

Did you have to get a permission slip from your parents when you were in school? Well school’s out for many of us, but whose permission are you still seeking?

Some people seem like they don’t seek God, Creator’s permission when they act out in a way that we deem abusive or just impolite. Others use God as their excuse for those behaviors. Forgive them, for they know not what they do.