Every year we have a New Moon in Gemini, meaning fun! Whoopee! There is a theme to this year’s party and I’ll fill you in.

It is no coincidence that I am writing this article today and at this time, as I do what I do when I feel the impetus to act. Timing is in the Stars, whether we realize it or not.

When we are open to trusting our loving, guiding inner voice, we are also in divine time, as Heavenly Father Mother God is within. We Can avoid mis-steps.

I don’t know why some people get it backwards year after year, and plant new affirmations to begin new habits, and for new experiences that are desired to grow, at Full Moons, when it is the New Moon’s heavenly job assignment.

Like many around the world, we recently learned we lost a Prince (co-incidentally to the ‘reign’-ing Queen’s 90th birthday –purple being the color of royalty).

Last week I wrote that we are angels in training, and since that recent blog, it was reported that the world sacrificed Prince Rogers Nelson to death. What might have really occurred?

Let’s start with the concept that there are only three relationships. Three. How is your relationship with God? You may not call God God, or believe in God, but still be connected to your inner loving voice that gives good advice.

We are hotwired to our spiritual source. Once deeply knowing (what I call) God, you’ll naturally be consulting God within, about your perceptions and for your decisions. Then you are working on a healthy relationship with yourself.

Like a slingshot pulled back, we will eventually be shot into the air with farther and greater reach than before. We are now literally in the stage of being pulled back… in time! Can you grasp that concept?

Just as in sleep, we involuntarily surrender to our eyes closing, stopping our forward motions in the outer world, and whether you are aware or not, we dream. We become refreshed, body and soul. What a God-given miracle.