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I had a day job in a legal firm assisting two attorneys a lifetime ago; a Senator’s son, as well as an Air Force Intelligence officer; one young and fun, the other serious and, surprisingly, interested in psychic Readings. They were lovely gentlemen. 

Others in the office were not spoken to as respectfully, by most of the people they worked with, and I, too, felt diminished at group meetings or functions by those who needed to act superior. 


I wasn’t bullied or sexually harassed, yet for a long time, kept having murmurings in my mind and heart to look for a different job, where the entire day allowed me to feel valued.

Back then. I ignored the psychic messages to love myself, and make a change. It was easier to put it off, and I wondered if the income at the firm could even be topped.

It wasn’t until they downsized and restructured that I became free from the pervasive misery. It took the firm’s hand, choosing the laid off, and I was among those booted like a swift kick in the butt.

I felt rushed to then look for a suitable employment position, and experiencing that shocking, unexpected life change had me scrambling to make ends meet, with no income. Self esteem helps when going on interviews, more than desperation.

Eventually I found something at the same rate of pay, with people that were all pleasant, creative and got along, yet soon realized I had to work through lunch to do my job, but felt secure, and it was ‘good enough.’

In that state of ‘security,’ paid value, but no time for me, I was called from a resume I’d sent a couple of years before, and offered a most prestigious job, with higher income, loads of perks, not the least of which included fresh flowers, dry cleaning, luxurious meals provided, and my free time was mine to take care of my personal needs.

After I settled in there, it was revealed that the gentleman I worked with had been through about 10 others, in two years; that he was a rude tyrant, and where safe places were to cry. Oddly enough, his high-ranking position was as a warm and welcoming host for the 5-star world famous resort. I stayed, though unhappy.

It was after that experience I decided to have my own business, built on the spiritual, psychic and astrological learning I had studied and practiced over so many years. I worked with that resort throughout the years, but free from the ‘tyrant,’ independently contracted to spiritually teach, empower, and do parties.

Truth be told, the people I was judging were the teaching fodder for my personal journey to love myself. That’s been my window to the world, and it’s a beautiful view ever since. 

With the current talk about the female gender not being treated respectfully, and how so many, who need work and income will ‘take’ what comes, to do so, murmurings are inwardly guiding You to honor yourself. You Guys, too. Follow the yellow brick psychic murmurings. There’s no place like feeling at home within your soul.

Love from Rachel Star of Sedona

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