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Our banks keep an eye on our accounts and let us know when we might be overstepping our balance. We have check-ups with our medical doctor and dentist to keep our systems in balance. We might even have a personal trainer, who helps us to be physically strong.

Have you seen Dr. Love lately?  Actually she does home visits. About every year and a half Dr. Love comes a knocking…taking your love temperature and doing x-rays. Her real name is Venus, and when she takes a break from pulling us forward in life to check on us more individually, deeply and personally, she is called Venus Retrograde. 

When she’s done, she’ll pull us forward again, as usual, but we will be more refreshed, and our emotional hearts pumping more clearly, with less gunk.

Venus rules love, relationships, self-esteem, beauty and money. Also music, art and the feminine etc. Do we know what how to have a healthy love life? Bank balance? Inner beauty? Here comes your personal trainer. Since ancient times she has been the go-to financial advisor, beauty expert and love therapist.

You can do self exams anytime, but the traveling doctor will do a more penetrating look at how you’re taking care of yourself. Have you been loving yourself right? Do you hold your tongue to keep peace, in fear, rather than speak your truth quietly, from your loving heart? What is love, to you? Is it more than good sex?

Does being out of balance in the heart translate into impulsive behaviors whenever you hit an emotional snag? Blame, ignoring, self-medicating? Do you spend, lend or borrow money uncomfortably? If you don’t feel you are receiving enough love, then give it, and watch! But, first, know what real love is. Is outer beauty or money, or any ego temptation, luring you to accept less than inner beauty?

Raging, pleading and conniving are not healthy. Are you allowing yourself to be taken advantage of, under the deceptive heading of being an angel; a caring, giving person, allowing your safe boundaries to be pushed out a little more all the time without notice of the energetic injuries growing, then festering in you?

You may receive a Prescription to stay around positive, happy, peaceful people, spend time by yourself or with friends, look to see how you have some responsibility for things you don’t like occurring; do they mirror your deeply submerged, innate negative belief about self and others?  Count your blessings, dream, put action steps toward your desires, and give up habits that aren’t useful, like complaining.

The doctor will be putting out her shingle right in your inner house, your soul, from March 3 through April 15, yet she will be listening through her stethoscope, starting as early as Jan. 30, to get an idea of what issues you two will be brain-storming about, come your private, 6-week workshop training. Complimentary. No need for insurance coverage.

Dr. Love wants to make sure we are remembering to love ourselves. 100%; not 60 or 90%. When your exam is complete, you will be in fine shape. Heart happier, less sugar-substitutes and more real sweetness, more knowledgeable about wise use of your money, and feeling more in balance.

The political scenario has bred spewing hate for some time now. Are you noticing how easy it is to fall into, revert to, and mirror disruptive negative energetic frequency?

Spewing loud, angry judgments is the ego notion that I am better and smarter than you. Continue to utter unconditional love and hope, in the face of the opposite. Minds close to forceful yelling; we hear better and get more accomplished with respectful discussion.

Every thing is made of energy, and energy has different vibrational frequencies. Remember high frequency yields ‘good.’ Someone else putting out low frequency is one thing, but us responding as a low-frequency mirror of their energy is our feeding the frenzy too, in fact, growing more of it…just what you didn’t want or intend.

Maybe that’s why Dr. Love is making her visit this year. Emulating Dr. Love is our test from Divine Source at this time. Might you think? Are you running on high octane love or caught in the quicksand, going down?

You may not want to hurt someone’s feelings but your loving heart can lead you in divine time to divinely inspired, respectful, words and actions to take. Others may not agree with you, but that’s life, isn’t it?  Only you know what feels right and healthy, energetically, for the minutes you have left to live. And no one knows what length of precious life is left.

Here comes Venus Retrograde on March 4th into half of April but many astrologers agree with me, that it all begins in the shadow, on January 30th.

Start with examing what occurs between Jan. 30 and March 3, during the shadow of Venus, before she goes retro/back over what will occur on those days and nights.

This is all about re-examining the relationship between love and you. You may come to realize that your relationship/s don’t have an overflowing capacity of what you need to sustain thriving health. Are You too needy and dependent on someone ‘loving’ you back? Do you need someone ‘there’ because you don’t like being alone?

Can you become free of dissatisfaction you may have become accustomed to; that felt normal over time, i.e. habit? Sometimes the doctor has to make an incision or do surgery to expose and remove the problem, for us to heal.

We can all use a check-up, even if to just tighten up our meaningful vows and eliminate some annoying habits, confusion, and spark more understanding.

In mid-April we should be clear about our emotional inbalance, wounds, our self-responsibility for protecting our hearts, and in a much more beautiful soul spot.

Self love comes from self observation, self responsibility, self forgiveness, self respect and self inner peace, joy and gratefulness.

Watch my spiritual astrology forecasts for each week ahead, on my facebook page/s, and have a heartwarming session with Dr. Love. I’m here for you, too.

Love from Rachel Star of Sedona

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