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Sometimes we’re in a fog, and can’t understand logic, or even the under-lying blessings. Alas, divine timing is in charge of our ahas. We are just now done with over a month, in my estimation, of slow-down, turn around, climbing down our inner dark ladder to see what’s in the subconscious well.

Right about now things seem cleaner and clearer. Good work, cleaning crew. We’ll be able to see much sharper, because Mercury is no longer retrograde in Capricorn’s serious structures, from traditions and old worn out paradigms, including career,… and what kind of new, solid, reliable plans we determine have worth; letting go of what we didn’t feel was 100% suitable, and building great platforms onward, anew.

When we seemingly look back on frightful times, since we’ve been alive, we can look at them from a different vantage point now, and make the imaginal perceptional picture visually better, with higher understanding, and blessing its negative energy Disintegration, being washed in the universal washing machine, loosing all the dirt and being truly the white light of energy, frequency, Source again.

Replace your energy field of time, space and thought that held onto that previous distasteful memory, with a dreamy utopian vision. Why the heck not, I think. In fact, get a poster board, magazines and make your own artistic version of your desires to replace that empty spot, why dontcha!

Then put it where you’ll see it often. You can also make it in a notebook with 8 ½ X 11 pages in plastic holder pages.

As you read this, from now on, this month, every one of our planets are in direct motion. That’s not the usual. Usually one or more planets are retrograding, taking us inside ourselves. All of the drudgery work we’ve done could now be reaping, because the inner, private activity is now moving life forward for us in the outer.

Venus, ruling love, will go retrograde in March, but we’ll be in its shadow the beginning of next month, February. Venus only goes retrograde once every year and a half or two years, and here she comes. Love relationships and values will go through its test time. Stuff will surface and come up to be dealt with, be certain of that.

Relationships that are not solid may unravel. Those people you have loved before will resurface. It’s time to redefine if we are good at self love, or being loved well. Those things that irk us will require conversation, or a good therapist.

We love astrology because we know what is coming, what to do, we know timing, and we can get a head start to steer it well, ourselves.

Happy forward moving January, what dreams may come?!!!

Love from Rachel Star of Sedona

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