Rachel Spirit

The sound of your horse’s whinny. You’re intuitively connected as she slows a bit knowing that’s what you’re feeling even before you began pulling on the reins...slowing is the vibration in the air now.  Listen to your connection with the wind and what blows in the wind.  It actually is time to pause to refresh. Then the past comes to revisit. This, is Mercury Retrograde, again!

Put your feet in snuggy boots and slippers, and why not snuggle on the couch under the blanket.  We have so much, and it’s time to feel the sensuality of it all.  A roof over our head, sumptuous food we choose. People that care.

Our heartfelt prayers show up this time of year, mostly, to lift the hope of joy.  Who can you talk to? Many places holding close to divine spirit, called churches, synagogues and centers, can host people who are messengers of love and hope. 


We all have questions and concerns, and what we can’t answer ourselves, can be often get answered by a good tv show, movie, wise person with years of experience, an old soul, or good parent or relative. If you seek someone with qualifications like mine, please make sure they are positive with a bevy of testimonies; not just seeking your coins.

Mercury is retrograde now…slow down you’re movin’ too fast…it’s time to let the cares fall off your shoulders and whistle, skip, live in a slower gear and savor moments simply for them being a moment we can feel. Notice how you use your moments. Next, don’t judge the moments. Simply remember to continually love yourself, better than anyone else can!

When was the last time you did really next to nothing, often?  Take as much of that as medicine now. Less stress appointments, more healing and happy appointments, or just listening within while you practice being the authentic flowing you; observer of moments.

Think about the next foundation you are to build now. Imagine it. What feels right and exciting (not to be confused with dangerous), life affirming of you, and what you can afford to build brick by brick.

Have you ever noticed how high speed we are, even counting going to the hardware and grocery stores, dry cleaners, water store, movies, drive through coffee, working, working, working, doing bills, communicating on our many modalities, making dinner, laundry, cleaning, taking care of How many others, etc?

Let some of your chores wait, your cares float away. Try it, life won’t disappear. You will, though have a true experience of putting some rest and/or relaxation into your days and nights, likely finding your answers come to you. They just needed space and time to be heard!

Mercury is retrograde until Jan. 8. It is the best time to dig deep with that best friend or spiritual counsel. Jewels and gems are awaiting you to find them, showing you the clear path, asking if you love yourself enough to go there.

All days are holy days, but the twelve days of Christmas have ancient meaning; so especially keep tuned in to your internal, eternal joy. Dec. 25 is Virgo enfused; the day we are all having a new, pure, virginal birth. Your feelings on that day will effect all of January.

Dec. 26 is the next zodiac sign, Libra day, the energy is about your relationships, especially with God, and will effect your February. You get the gist. Dec. 27 is Scorpio, effecting March, etc.…Use the astrological qualities of each sign in the highest way and you are creating a happier, holier 2017 for Yourself. Try it and see!

Love from Rachel Star of Sedona


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