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Who doesn’t have a favorite movie? Or favorite TV program. Have you made home videos? Geez, social media is all about pictures and videos. We’re glued to our screens whether 4 inches or motion picture size. Television, film and videos are not just on major networks or in the movies anymore.

Some people are more photogenic than others. It doesn’t mean they’re better looking. Even celebrities at their photo shots have hundreds of snapshots and they’re narrowed down to one.

If you pause and watch, some films of them even show makeup artists putting a lot of white makeup under the eyes almost covering cheeks and both sides of the nose.  White above eyelashes and just below eyebrow, etc., etc.

We see models and celebs without makeup, shadowing, contouring nor well lit by strategic lighting, and I would say at least half don’t even look recognizable or ‘gorgeous.’ We love them no less. It’s not about looks, it’s our inner lighting.

I remember, years ago, most every retail mall had a store that did glamour photography shoots for we the mall shoppers, and I got to see, for myself, as did so many people in that decade, that for magazine shoots (and TV) the makeup is applied VERY, VERY THICKLY and lighting is calculated!!!

Everyday lighting from the sun or inside lights may land right on your nose making it look like you are mostly nose (ha ha), like mine did at the Grand Canyon a couple of weeks ago, taking a pic of myself and my friends. Ha! Great for a laugh.

Or a camera shot makes a face look elongated, such as some selfies. Or mostly shadow. You know what I mean.

One friend of mine doesn’t like to have his picture or video taken, so he recommended me for a TV show rather than do it himself.  You can watch it on my website.

A co-host on that show recommended me to his friends, for which they drove to Sedona, had a 2-hour Reading, and invited me to be a guest on their radio show, out of Phoenix.

I was surprised to learn, upon arrival, that we would be also posting live on facebook, so it’s a good thing I didn’t come dressed for radio (ha). You can see that on my facebook page. The radio broadcast was taped; airs tomorrow and I will post it where I can.

A month ago something out of the blue brought me into You Oughta Be In Pictures on a consistent basis...  Now you can watch me weekdays giving you a daily and weekend video broadcast of Your Astrology insight by Sun Sign and more celestial guidance on how to use your days, according to the planetary energies offered us each day. I post on facebook of course.

On this producer’s site I have been getting so far up to 5,000 views per day and he wants me to do a daily half hour TV show very soon.

Examples of my work in ‘pictures,’ can be seen on my website and facebook page.  Go to www.rachelstarofsedona.com and click the page, “Rachel on TV.”

Have you thought about putting your loved one ‘in pictures?’  Perhaps you already have videos you share with loved ones, for posterity, and to hand down through generations. If not, just pick up your smart phone, point and shoot. Look for that inner glow.

Love from Rachel Star of Sedona

Have a positive and empowering Reading with Rachel by telephone, Skype OR meet with Rachel in her serene Sedona Reading location. Watch her daily astrology videos on facebook. Pop in to ongoing basic Astrology classes Fridays 4:00–5:30 for $20. Each accurate, insight-packed Reading renders peace of mind and joy; via loving Tarot, Astrology, Past Life influences, and a 100%-accurate destiny system, evoking clarity and emotional relief. Book Rachel Star of Sedona for events too. www.rachelstarofsedona.com call (707) 335-6220, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and LIKE her Face book page, Rachel Star of Sedona; Friend her at Rachel Spirit.



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