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They say it’s a scary time of year. Ghosts, goblins, walking skeletons and walking dead…even Hill and Don. We always have our ‘hallowed evening’ during the Scorpio time of year, as well as ‘all souls days.’

Scorpio rules the veil between life and death, as life is actually eternal; dark and light; transformation, as in shedding an old skin like a snake that already has a new skin ready to go; and rising like the phoenix from the ashes.

It’s intense, focused and powerful, like nuclear energy. But it’s also about healing, surgery, the subconscious, psychiatry, sensuality, committed partnerships, and BIG money themes! Like x-ray vision, it’s psychic.

I am not necessarily referring to Scorpio sun sign people. You could be an Aries or Gemini, for instance, and have several other planetary bodies, for example Mercury, Venus and Mars, in the zodiac sign of Scorpio, or Scorpio’s ruling planet, Pluto could be at a very key place in your horoscope.

I reference Scorpio energetic traits, not Scorpio people when I discuss the zodiac sign itself. And guess what; we ALL have Scorpio in our selves somewhere, displayed in our charts, to see in a linear fashion.

For me it is the cusp ruler of my third house of communication. Perhaps why I like to delve deeply into the mysteries beneath the veil, communicate with the loving, guiding light on the ‘other’ side psychically, delve into past life experiential influences, and assist in removing deep hidden subconscious blocks (the ghosts and goblins) within myself and You!

Where do you have 8 degrees of Scorpio in your chart? That is where you will notice new beginnings in Scorpio ways. Knowing astrology can guide your free will into focusing your intentions on the characteristics of Where a New or Full Moon is occurring for You.

One of my students told class that every New Moon time, he cites the same visions and words to put out into the world as his intentions. He Loved that in our class he learned to steer the focus into the particular characteristics associated with whatever zodiac sign in which these Moon events would be occurring.

Isiah 10:26 …”He who brings forth the starry hosts by numbers one by one and calls them forth by character.”

Numbers 10:10 “The day of the New Moon was a day of feasting and blowing trumpets.”

For instance, guys, regarding the once-a-year New Moon in Scorpio we just had yesterday, Sunday, October 30th, make your affirmations that will GROW your Scorpio positive intentions, the same way as the Moon will GROW over the next 2 weeks into a FULL Moon, which reaps what we sow.

I am always regenerating and healing. I consistently receive large sums of money. I live an abundant life. I balance my thriving personal power with empowering others. I make the best connections for my heart and soul.

I am psychically shown beneficial insights to mysteries. I replace grudges, blames and shames with unconditional love, realizing that everything is a teaching gift. I am transformed new.

The more we watch dark, scary, criminal, horror-filled, violent, angry, disrespectful television programming about sickness and these themes, the more it unknowingly seeps into our subconscious, like a sponge, as expectations of how life will show up in the future. It can become the collective unconscious.

Granted, they’re well-written, well-acted shows, which keep people glued to the boob-tube, yet, do we balance our subconscious influences with just as much good? Even the news is rarely mostly good news, right?

See if you get a psychic response about why the nominating and voting process for the highest elected official in our country is scary; criminally suspect, demeaning, disrespectful, unhealthy, full of name-calling, deceitful lies, and actions we would not want our children to ‘pick-up.’

Put on the costume that brings out the light, happy, Scorpio visionary side of yourself that you align with intensely; the shaman, the goddess, the fairy princess, the prince charming, Egyptian belly-dancer, Merlin, angel, being of white light…and grow your soul fresh and healthy and revitalized on all souls day.

PS, This could be The most amazing time of your year, and perhaps life, right now, if you step out of the shadows and commit to transformation and flight, soaring like the eagle, into higher realms. Will you choose scared or sacred?

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Love from Rachel Star of Sedona

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