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Decades ago, the book Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984) was a popular fictional tale set in the far future of 1984. By 1984 we were cautioned, we could be watched by Big Brother, but hoped it wouldn’t be a reality, and doubted it, right?

In the mid 90s I began working in television in California, and was sent across country to learn about current and soon-to-be more updated information gathering. I was shocked to learn that many average television viewers were already being watched, and it would become even more prevalent and gather more information on many of us, than we knew and would likely approve.

Here we are at the last months of 2016 and every action and word we say can be gathered by complete strangers and put on view for all to see. Watch yourself.

Snowden imparted information to us all, about our personal information being captured without our knowing, nor our approval.

If we look on the bright side, knowing the world can hear and see us without permission, may provoke actions and words with more integrity, befitting the concept of ourselves that we would like to uphold and be our soul’s signature.

In a private exchange of information, our friends may help keep us in check, or take us down a negative rabbit hole. Other peoples’ actions and words may stir us to behave similarly.  Forgive yourself, if so, yet use that to remind yourself that we may be overheard and more.

Our Presidential debates are certainly televised for all to see, and some antics, actions we judge, and sound bites, may stir round and round our minds. Some viewers may like one candidate or another's drama and vote for it, as it mirrors their own behaviors.

What matters most is your own inner moral compass. It is Your inner world that is viewed on the outer. We will make mistakes, so pick yourself up and start all over again. One day at a time, watch your own back.

I have another television crew coming over this afternoon, and I’ll be myself, but people may have their own opinions, and that’s okay. We can only march to our own drummer and love ourselves, unconditionally. Do you remember the book, What You Think of Me Is None of My Business?

If you or I can inspire another to watch themselves, it would be based on our being inspired by others to raise our own inner meter. They say three steps forward, one back, so give yourself some slack and keep climbing. The air is blissful the higher up we reach.

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Love from Rachel Star of Sedona

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