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Wow, Everyone wants to know what has been going on?  The Pisces Lunar Eclipse is today Sept. 16 at 12:05 pm pacific, 3:05 pm eastern time, and karma has been erupting. Buried secrets have been, and are being exposed.


Pisces is the sign of the hidden, the spirit, the ethers; what is bubbling in the mysterious world of the unseen, where God’s record-keeping of us all is located.


We can say, in that realm reside angels, guides and your ancestors; known and unknown, seeing everything, and there to steer with love, if you choose to connect, or believe in the devil/evil. One book that has survived time, The Bible, says it is done unto you as You Believe. How do you perceive things?


In fact, all there is, is love, though it may seem otherwise, sometimes. Look closer. Holy spirit set the planets in motion, which give us a personal and unique path we co-created, before returning to mortality, to potentially correct or delight in karma we created.


We continue creating karma here, but arrive with a veil of our coding hidden in the subconscious. Our mortal free will either listens to our ego mind or soul-signature’s higher impetus, in which way We choose to act, as the path unfolds.


Pisces is represented as two fish, each heading in different directions so we either swim into ego competition of I am better than you which includes superficial public opinion, or listen to the muses talk through our intuition, the heart voice. We choose. Even so the two sides are connected to God, ultimately!


A Lunar Eclipse is a Full Moon on Steroids, putting ‘1,000’ times more intense light and emotion on the traits of the zodiac sign where it occurs. We can feel and respond to all heavenly activity even before the actual day and hour of timed occurrences.


Some have had insides churning uncomfortably for some time, and like a seemingly dormant volcano, an unseen force is forcing spewed buried feelings of truth to be regurgitated out by the finger of God energy, somehow, some way, any way it can come out, even if we want to keep it buried. There is a higher hand evoking what must be known. When we speak truth, we are rejuvenated because we no longer carry burdens.


On the other side of Pisces, higher spiritual realms are unlocking previously hidden mysteries of the higher esoteric reality for revelation. Secrets are no longer hidden. The proof is spilling out now, more than ever, about energy, frequency, advanced technology, and civilizations alien to our programmed minds.


Are you the spewer, or spewee receiver of the fire to upgrade life and reality as we know it? The spewee either listens with an open ear, soul searches, and takes on new thresholds of higher understanding, or may default to deflecting away from it, choosing to stay asleep. If a child, then mother is asked to look at how the little ones are being influenced to eventually take their own reins. 


Pisces rules karmic debt. Do you owe money, honesty or respect to someone? Pisces is also where we sweep things under the rug, hoping it’s been forgotten or will go away, but like it or not, these powerfully strong ‘winds’ of eclipsing out what are not acceptable habits any longer, are forcing the rug up, and the dirt is revealed for you to face now and clean up.


Interestingly enough, karma is self made, because ‘the’ God force provides an innate conscience that tries to get our attention. It keeps tapping to have a talk, and it serves us to take the time to listen and re-configure things out so we feel more at peace. Or the universe may provide an unexpected, untimely kick in the butt.


Adding to this potent, intense revelatory time are the effects of the recent Solar Eclipse in Virgo, also changing fate and destiny, to eclipse out what isn’t proper service to help others; making room for building better habits. The Sun is currently in Virgo, too, shining a huge spotlight, and Mercury, the messenger of all form of communication is retrograde (going back into the past) in Virgo too! Past behaviors are reviewed and looked at with a fine tooth comb.


If there is nothing haunting you of your past behaviors over the years, either spirit is opening the veil to see what you glossed over, or you will continue to revel with a clean conscience, of your wonderful karma earned.


It’s time to make karma right and become a chameleon of change. Have you been creating good karma or not? Maybe some good and some not so good. Check to see what has been showing up for you over this past week and coming week.


Revel in the blessings you have created and welcome your rewards. If there’s a karma snag, whether it seems shouted or whispered, adjust and continue on your merry way. The base of life is always love intended, not just for some.


After 29 years, Saturn, the disciplinarian teacher, returned to Sagittarius, and stays in Sagittarius for one and a half more years, at least. It will be a time forcing us to meet life’s challenges and look seriously to see what type of responsibility we took or didn’t take for things that weren’t easy and just lots of laughs over the last 29 years. Saturn makes people soul search to avoid bringing consequences to ourselves, but either way we Will do the work if we haven’t completed our mission of evolution through serious responsibility and sticking with commitments through thick and thin.


The zodiac signs of Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius and Gemini are under this discerning microscope right now for more than a year.  Where do you have these signs in your birth chart?


Pisces gifts are compassion in helping those less fortunate. Pisces can also be self sacrifice and overwhelm. Are you making promises you know you can’t keep, thinking you must sacrifice?


No one asks you to overload your spirit, so keep in mind that promises made with good intention, constantly broken, break a person’s heart more than being honest. Work out something everyone is comfortable with. Your own Pisces inner spirit suffers and diminishes others’ spirits too, until you do what the universe sees as fair and balanced.


For those bubbling inside, with something bigger than your usual serene heart, know that you can’t help but hit the release button. Something occurred that broke the camel’s back, for sure. Being spiritual doesn’t mean ignore spiritual ‘wrongs’ with a happy face. We are often at the influence of heavenly episodes and this eclipse forces eruptions of pent-up frustrations. The payoff is an inner world of harmony. Forgive yourself and others, continuing on a cleaner path now. Aaaah, breathe!


Debts can be financial and also energetic. Do you owe money? Did you decide to sweep it under the rug and pretend it disappeared? If it was to a person, even if they could afford it, know it is disrespectful by ignoring them, and naturally creates disappointment about your character. Do you exhibit more value toward people, or their pocketbook?


Timing is divine, pre-destined from a higher authority, may feel inconvenient, but it happens to the best of us. The universe, just like school, gives us tests without notice. Why does God allow these disruptions in our every day doings? Eclipses are the only way the universe has to make significant changes when we get in ruts and don’t examine what is.


With Jupiter in Libra for the first time in 12 years, it is time to make relationships harmonious.  Advocate for those who can’t, including animals. Open your mouth about mistreating others, deceiving others, humiliating others, using others for our gain or trophy. Blessings and abundance come to Libra, Aquarius and Gemini for one year. Where are those signs in your chart?


Pisces being the unseen, includes the ethereal world. I am living in the world of the sacred, healing and supernatural, here in Sedona, where people make pilgrimage from everywhere on the globe to one of the three holiest lands. Last evening, at a gallery based in the works of Nikola Tesla I heard a respected attorney speak about secret advanced technologies, experienced starting from his youth, involving his esteemed and recognized father, including time travel and teleportation. I’ve heard about that occurring for decades in Damanhur, Italy. I was also gifted a great experience with the Tesla lights.


Tomorrow, Saturday, I will also be part of the Supernatural Sedona televised presentation in the early evening, and am an invited guest at the four-day Fall Equinox Retreat here in Sedona, dedicated to those seeking a higher way of living and being.


Pisces is also sensitive, gentle, watery, rules oceans (high emotions can cause stormy seas), the subconscious (the undercurrent behind our actions), prisons (including emotional self-imprisonment), hospitals, addictions, chaos, film, movies, acting, music, art, compassion, volunteering, advocacy, and the God realm (not understanding holy spirit can feel like confusion and fear; realization we are made of God provides faith, flowing in its stream, and bliss, if you step into its higher frequency).


If you cheated, lied, diminished others’ human value, etc., remember Saturn, the stern parent planet. Rise up on your own free will to do the Virgo right action now, and reap rewards. We are human, yet truth be told, we are divine.


I have seen the blessings of many, recently, in their rise up from cancer, addiction, breaking through traumatic mental blocks, and so much more. All of them did it with enlightenment from others, whether a shout or a whisper. Remember Pisces can be inner bliss! It’s all love.


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Love from Rachel Star of Sedona


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