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When people are drawn to me for Readings, I look at who you created yourself to be; thereby your character traits, talents, and can see what your yesterdays were like; I see who you are now, based on how many years you’ve lived, i.e. your birth planets’ zodiac sign traits advanced in movement through the zodiac, changing your personality and motivations; and see how things look in life now, and what the various horizons look like for your tomorrows.

Many think you are just your sun sign and nothing changes.  Oooh, you are so much more than your sun sign, and it all Does change!   Often!

From the start, I remind everyone that we have free will choices, and a spiritual Reading can help claim sweet opportunities for your enhanced life, or skirt challenges, soften them, and understand how we co-create circumstances, meant to evolve through learning. So stuff happens.  We react from defaulting to the ego mind, or respond through our higher knowing.

Holding a personal energetic frequency of unconditional love, understanding and acceptance of ‘what is,’ can soften most hard edges in life. You might be delighted and surprised how that energetic frequency can make life miraculous.  It doesn’t mean accept the unacceptable, but can springboard you into higher realization that duality exists on this dense energetic planet, and to choose to fly with the ‘angels’ in how lightly we ‘take’ things.  As my age 98 year uncle says, life can be stupid, funny. 

Anger and resentment, guilt, shame, blame, fear, doubt and such lowers our energetic frequency and closes our hearts from hearing truth, allowing us to soar again. Listen for and see solutions rather than focus on the issue.  Energy flows where your consciousness goes.

The magic trick is to look within our own selves, as co-creators.  Listen to what others say, rather than be only hearing what defensive or offensive reply you are waiting to say back.  They may have words of wisdom and love, but remember, an abrasive tone in what others say or do is Not a reflection onto you, necessarily, but showing what is going on within them, can help you self-examine your hidden subconscious creating beliefs, or practice shirking off dust blowing in the wind.

Make a commitment to self to always do the ‘next right thing,’ yet forgive yourself if you fell into ego responses.  Ego, itself, is to be examined.  Are you believing you are in competition with others, so if they are doing well, you must not be doing well?  Or that they are against you?  Your energetic level of frequency, if raised, overshadows anything negative in the short or long run.

There is no shortage of goodness and success, unless you believe there is… then you will act out in those ways.  Many of us do that, but are you going to ride on that hamster wheel, or jump off into the realm of divine, loving spiritual mystery, unknown?  It’s called faith, and though sometimes takes courage, does deliver.  You have to try it to see for yourself.

Yesterday you may have been taught you are a sinner, but today you can know that you are miraculous and made of the light of love.  We are all always forgiven and understood from ‘on high.’  When we fall off the cloud, just climb back on and get comfortable.  Tomorrow will show the effects of your belief, as it mirrors your own subconscious.

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Love from Rachel Star of Sedona

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