Rachel Spirit

There are vortexes and then there are vortexes. All sizes, shapes, types, and measurements of low or intensive energies. Sedona is known, in fact famous, for many, many vortexes in our little, little town, but you can be caught in a vortex right where you stand, anywhere. Your personal deep well of consciousness bubbles up for you to notice.

Do you feel your mind, heart or body swirling you around and around with accumulated thoughts and feelings? Is it stimulating, motivating, inspiring or overwhelming?

If and when you feel overwhelmed with more than you can handle, it may be an indication for meditation, deep breathing, beautiful music, talking things out with a wise soul, or napping to let your body and mind strengthen. (Sleep on it, as they say!) We always think more clearly after resting.

These days, information or decisions may not be clear to you yet, and perhaps there are so many opportunities or considerations to weed through, with still new ones showing up. If you feel that way, why not shake them off to give yourself a breather, and trust that divine timing will show you the way. Yes, respond as your part in participating to life, throughout, and keep on listening.

Though you may have felt indecisive for quite some time, soon there will be destiny knocking and you can begin refining decisions, with new daily patterns emerging.

So many of us believe we have to come to conclusions right away, through uncertainty. I remember working with the General Manager of a beachfront hotel who wanted to jump in and make any choice, feeling pressure.

My accumulated insight is to consider not being intimidated about time. Instead be sure you are well-rested, nourished, hydrated, informed, and open to noticing the clues, some of which will be impossible not to notice!

If the clues aren’t coming with clarity, the timing is not right, yet. Check your body talk (not the Olivia Newton-John body talk), and if it isn’t ‘all in,’ consider patience.

What do I mean by body talk? As one personal example, when I had a major mind-body-soul indication to check out Sedona for relocating seven years ago, I came, saw, and upon returning to the southeast, felt 100% done. My gut knew it, sparkled with a revitalized feeling, and in fact, my whole body felt ‘all in’ with my soul’s direction.

Trust that you will be guided with a strong ‘push’ type of feeling. When something is right, there will be no doubt, and things will move forward. We call that divine timing and no one escapes its flow, yet our ego-type of free will may resist, and fight upstream against it.

Realize you are not alone in this world of the seen and unseen. You are guided and it can save lots of angst by not thinking you are the only ‘one’ in charge of making good decisions for yourself. Faith breeds relaxing surrender into the higher-guided flow.

So trust that peace of mind is your wellspring; give some situations a break when need-be, rest up until you feel your juju rise, believe in hope, …

Then, when you feel spirit call, rise up out of your bed, Lazarus.

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Love from Rachel Star of Sedona

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