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If you have not yet visited Sedona, perhaps you have heard tales of its seeming magic. The thesaurus gives alternative words for magic as, the supernatural, the unexplained, and enchantment.

The dictionary explains the word supernatural as, attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding, and lists synonyms as, psychic and mystical. Science has yet to prove love, intuition, faith or God, etc., so can you agree that there is more than science to believe? Thank God for that!

Though I have experienced magic and been psychic throughout my terrestrial journey on the greater U.S. and beyond, the metaphysical (beyond the physical) occurrences occur more often and more powerfully here in Sedona.

I believe that the spiritual and esoteric studies, practice, development and constant way of ‘seeing’ my (and your) living journey, on a different wavelength, over many decades, account for the best magical expressions in life. Remember, magic is simply energy. What are the lay lines of your energy? Blame, anger, fear, competition?

How about unconditional love, forgiveness (including self), seeing the good and self-growth from circumstances, living honestly, with integrity, and expectations of goodness? Do you think they can bring better results than shame, guilt and loathing?

We all are spiritual beings, so you, too, have magic. Even the Bible states, it is done unto you as you believe. Your thoughts come from your developed perceptions which you accepted; some without being conscious of acceptance. Thankfully, they can change on a dime.

The natural law of, what you give out comes back to you, is to be pondered more deeply. If prejudiced, doubtful, self-hating, the mirror (of life) will show you energetic manifestations of just that. Your directed energy can make you right. If you focus on the positives, and be careful about negatives, your esoteric mirror will often allow you to say, see, I told you so.

Watch what happens when you step into the light. When I first practiced this study many decades ago, I stretched my perception to the degree that I could conceive belief about growing incoming money. In my new belief I could only then strongly believe that I could, somehow, receive an extra $25 within one week.

I did receive a phone call in that week informing me that I was randomly chosen to be part of a focus group, and that if I gave my opinion I would receive $25. That was a diving-off point of proof that my mindset is actively participating in my future.

In former blogs you can read other experiences, such as how my 100% laryngitis was 100% turned around into full voice in the same day, allowing me to sing three songs to a packed convention center.

Coincidence? Synchronicity. The ‘magical’ force acting in natural law. Now, mind you, it does take practice, and it does require your knowing that (what I call) God is the light and we are made of God, and our word is our commandment. Another thing I feel I can nod toward the Bible to consider is, in the beginning is the word. Our word stems from our perceived beliefs, right?

Keep in mind, that when we align with the light, we must also allow that God’s love and light has a divine and wonderful plan for us. When we listen to our low frequency mind, on this dense plane of current existence, we may believe we know what’s best for us, yet if things don’t work out in those ways, trust and be patient to see the better plan manifest itself.

Days ago, unrelated circumstances led to my seeing a photo of a book cover that made my jaw drop. It was the exact, highly unusual photo I had taken earlier this year, at a life-changing, Spring Equinox Retreat weekend, here in Sedona.

The picture had me and others puzzled. I had taken the picture from my smart phone and it showed the red rock formation set in a sky color that was similar to neon green and yellowish, not the blue sky that our human eyes saw!

All other photos I had taken at the same time did not have that unusual sky color. The book had come out 6 months prior to my taking the photo, and was the exact same angle of the exact same red rock formation, and exact same unusual sky color!

That was the book cover. The content is about, in my words, the esoteric, magical, supernatural, enchanting, mystical, psychic, unexplained and spiritual realm of Sedona, usually unseen to the naked human, terrestrial eye.

There will be a similar Autumnal Equinox Retreat at the same location where I captured this amazing sky color in a photograph, happening toward the end of next month, September, 2016, over the fall equinox weekend. If you wish to know more, let me know.

Let magic be in your future.

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Love from Rachel Star of Sedona

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