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Have you noticed the tides turn within the last couple of weeks?  They have been going topsy-turvy, stirring things up from the deep.  They just turned around again.  Relax now.  They will shift again, and you may be surprised at what shows up. It will have shades of what you have been thinking about for some time now.

I speak of the planet Uranus going retrograde in a week, on July 29th. You may feel or see it before then. Whatever Uranus does, seemingly comes out of the ‘blue,’ in unexpected ways.

How do we handle change?  First, know that there is a path for your life, and it is all in your best interests.  Secondly, our free-will choices Do matter as we ride our conveyor belt through our life journey, as to how things show up and how we run those things through our heart or not.  Do You believe in angels or demons?  Third, judging is not in our best interests.

If we are judging something, ourself, or another, we are forgetting to: one, look at how we contributed to situations in our life, seeing how we fed the fire whether a nice roasting marshmallows fire or a cigarette burn in the rug fire. 

There is good in everything and giving ourselves slack as we examine ourselves is a natural essential, too!  We will see the opportunity for our growth and feel elevated.  Remember whatever shows up is all good, ultimately.   Keep your eyes open now.  See reality unfold.  And come from your Heart!

Two, when we are judging another, we miss recognizing how we have those same traits within us, and third, living in an environment of allowing what will be, to be, is the key to inner peace.  Sometimes it's just a test...of how much time it takes to return to our ultimate unconditional love.  Also include awe and wonder at how the world has a plan of its own.

After all, tides do turn, and sometimes just when you least expected it. So return to your peaceful center where the music and love of the ethers resides, remembering that experiences are the entertainment reality show that we learn from...return to this/your knowing center as often as you need to remind yourself. Ride the bliss. Enjoy your ride, okay? 

Look at and take advantage of all of the assistance right around you to help rise back to our healthy, happy high frequency of just 'being' peacefully.

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Love from Rachel Star of Sedona

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