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In esoteric teachings we learn that water represents emotions. Were you ever on a boat that was rocked by unusually high waves? Has it seemed like that in your life lately? Planetary aspects were lined up for that beginning last week, and many of us have been noticing the rocking.

I used to do spiritual Readings on a large luxury cruise liner in the Atlantic Ocean and sometimes people would be bouncing from one hall wall to the other to try to keep their footing as the boat rocked.

Others needed to ‘purge’ as a result of the waves rocking their insides. They say we are 90% water, right? As an Intuitive I felt compelled, and fearlessly dove in to check peaking suspicions, to have truth revealed, yay, and have been hearing from clients feeling caught in emotional drama recently.

It came about for a cleansing purge to reveal honesty. If you have been caught in lies by others, the truth rose to the top as the waves stirred up what was beneath the surface.

A friend of mine was caught in several legal battles, fighting for her truth, and the deceivers in her tangled web are being more deeply exposed, now, but not before she was under false perceptions of dark, dreary outcomes. Truth is now exposed.  The truth will set you free, right?

Were you a lying one, or in cahoots? If you were the one lied to, hurray for the truth being dredged up, so you are out of another’s deceptive trap. No doubt it would raise emotions in the shaking-loose experience.

Lies may have continued flying from those liars, perhaps using you as a scapegoat for the drama they created, in describing the experience to others, even under oath for some of you, but remember God knows the truth and so do others who know you.

Events like these separate the ‘men from the boys’ in that you can recognize who has integrity and see beneath the water of turmoil, recognizing what or whom ultimately caused the shake-up, versus the one reacting to the shocking truth, holding on during the storm.

Deceivers do not usually examine themselves and take responsibility. One has to realize it takes integrity to stop blaming and pointing fingers away from themselves, and if one is a deceiver, being caught in their deceiving will not usually immediately lift them into integrity.

As this was an intense astrological occurrence, it likely touched you and/or yours bringing intense emotions, or hearing about them from those in your life.

At times like these, cling to those of integrity and honesty who know you and can remind you, as my 97 year-young uncle always says, ‘don’t let the bastards get you down.’

Even the deceivers may notice that what they thought was worth deceptive practices, showed truth over this last week as the water settles, seeing those in cahoots are not as valuable as the purer one deceived.

Jump for joy, and recognize that the light will always come shining through. It is our true friends, whom we chose for their clear integrity, whom will walk through the valley of the shadow with us, reminding us to see and have faith in the gifts of knowing the truth, and that the light of truth is always promised in the morning and the sun Will rise.

Remember who you are, and when others are exposed as choosing darkness and taking advantage of others, they, too, might eventually decide it is helpful to see the light of their own actions, and of their co-deceivers, perhaps choosing again whom to befriend, and swear off living outside of the light.

In your challenging times, know that rocking the boat can clear the decks of dirt, and old furniture on deck needing to be replaced.

It is also a time to open your heart and move past judgment, sooner than later, for you to return to ultimate truth.  We can still return to our center of unconditional love and advocate for everyone, non-judgmentally. Boundaries help, yet see the light that shines in every human, as we are all made of God, and pray for their ascendance. Don’t judge yourself poorly if you rocked the boat while finding a way away from the drama.

Notice, instead, how well you may have done, in reaching on to the railings to steady yourself, after purging, as a human does, and remember what others think of you is none of your business. People will be people, and it takes all kinds.  You be kind.

Remember sometimes the wind will blow the curtains open so you can see what you need to see. Also, it allows you to recognize and move a disabled plane off the runway to allow a new and smooth landing into your life. The clutter is gone!

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Love from Rachel Star of Sedona

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