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Every year we have a New Moon in Gemini, meaning fun! Whoopee! There is a theme to this year’s party and I’ll fill you in.

First, you don’t have to be a Gemini sun sign to be invited. In fact, every one of us has the zodiac sign Gemini in our birth chart. Mine, for instance, is in my career and business sector. That would be where my party is held.

Your party location may be in your home or family ‘house’ of your chart, or dating house station, significant relationships and marriage house section, money house location, friends’ house spot, etc. No matter where the party happens for you, it should be fun for all.

So that’s the location. Now for the day and time it starts. Mark Saturday, June 4 on your calendar. If you are in the Pacific Time zone, doors open at 7:59 pm; on the Eastern seaboard time zone, the late-night party starts one minute before midnight Saturday night!

Friends, this party is more than an all-nighter. It will build for two weeks and last one month, until the next New Moon occurs. Don’t attempt to go without rest and sleep. Gemini does rule being busy, living in the moment, flirting, and maybe even fickle, juggling things or people at the same time.

As Gemini also rules siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, neighbors and neighborhoods and it always falls at this time of year, the weather may be right for a family reunion or neighborhood block party.

Gem also brings the energetic traits of being with a lot of people, and communicating a lot. You’ll be so witty, clever and charming, yet watch out for gossip or superficial flattery or promises, and above all, don’t burn yourself out, which Gem can do. Remember to be Zen, flow, and to breathe, as Gemini rules our nervous systems and lungs, hands; let’s say two of everything.

We will likely be with people more than usual through this busy, fun time, and some of us talking, others half listening while on their smart phones, texting, playing games, taking and posting photos. Caution: no driving and smart phone use, unless you have hands-free phones connected through your car’s speakers, for the safety of life.

Ruling all communication and everything with moving parts, perhaps research to get the best deal and purchase that sound system for your vehicle, as Gem also rules all commerce; buying and selling. Salespeople relish this time of year; they can sell you the Brooklyn Bridge!

Gemini, the twins (the duality within us all), is also the magician. Time to write that book, produce a show, direct a movie; whatever your form of communication, make the magic happen.

Please keep in mind that our planet, Mars, has been going backwards, called retrograde, since mid April, and won’t turn forward until June 29. Even then, he will still be tired waking up, groggy, and his usual pep and forward motion, i.e. the ignition and on switch, won’t be fully turned on, giving us the pull forward to begin new and important projects.

Mars only retrogrades every 2 years, so be patient. It’s our time to rest, chill, and in this year’s case, clean out deep emotional blocks. Secrets will be revealed. Past loves we were passionate about may have shown up, or will.

Mars is our energy, and usually makes things happen, but when sleeping, we need to learn patience. So enjoy the party, do your planning, your talking, your research, your writing.

However, if you must start a key project, just know it will take a lot more energy, on your own part, at this time. Now, peeps, regarding a new sensual connection you may meet at the party, is it an ‘in the moment’ thing?

If you want it to last more than two years; only until the next Mars retrograde, may I suggest you wait to initiate that intimate part of your connection? I wouldn’t be your best friend if I didn’t give you the entire scoop, right?

So fun it up. Live in the moment. Take that trip down memory lane and past places, or take up a new class. Learn astrology with me, perhaps. See below.

I have a Gemini ‘deal for You,’ that you may not be able to refuse. Ha! It will appear magically on my website soon.

Would you like to watch my two (Gemini twin) TV shows? Access them both from my website, www.rachelstarofsedona.com on the page, “Rachel on TV.”

Love from Rachel Star of Sedona

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