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It is no coincidence that I am writing this article today and at this time, as I do what I do when I feel the impetus to act. Timing is in the Stars, whether we realize it or not.

When we are open to trusting our loving, guiding inner voice, we are also in divine time, as Heavenly Father Mother God is within. We Can avoid mis-steps.

We usually never consider the why of when we do things, so today, let’s look deeper. I’ll give you some of my own examples, which may unearth some of your own, and their underlying fascination.

Let’s begin with the title words, and you can do this with most words. It’s fun and enlightening.

Coincidences are partners in incidences, right? Like cohabitation is a joint venture of living in one habitat; sharing an environment, though the experience may have different or similar meaning for both. The concept of Synchronicity was first explained by psychiatrist, Carl Jung, who used it to justify the paranormal.

Chron is time. Synch is in harmony, like an orchestra making beautiful music because each instrument matches the others in Timing. What was perceived as paranormal then, Jung, time wise, (in today’s day and age), synchronicity is considered less beyond normal as parapsychology is more mainstream.

After a full day of giving Readings, I decided to choose between restaurants with lovely ambiance, but then a different thought popped in…to go to an average eatery I knew well. I questioned the thoughts, discovering that the average eatery choice voice spoke loudly, with emphasis, so I listened.

As I walked in the door, my friend was in a booth, facing me, and said, I wondered how long it would take you to get here. These instances happen all the time; not just in Sedona, and not just to intuitives. He was a realtor!

I went to Sedona’s Performing Arts Center, to see the CNN Person of the Year and a film about her. Having chosen to go alone, there became only one seat open next to me, front row center, and along comes Richard Gere asking if he could sit next to me. A wonderful pairing for 3 hours enjoying music together, talking, then whispering and laughing.

Why I didn’t take Gere up his offer to walk me out? I couldn’t even understand. Coincidentally, shortly thereafter, I met a man who shared an instant deep connection with me, resembles a younger Gere, and has been my partner for two years. Happy Anniversary Thursday.

My progressed Moon sign Just very recently changed and went into Aries. Your Moon sign stays in a zodiac sign for 2 ½ years and brings forth those traits that you will be emotionally invested in. Things change in our lives with progressed astrology, which takes your birth information, and progresses it to Now!

It is included in every Reading, along with Your Transiting Astrology’s opportunities revealed, and so much more, all intended to bring understanding of self and others, best paths to follow, and ultimate peace of mind.

As a Heart and Soul Intuitive Guide and Astrologer, most clients unknowingly seek me when I can see that things are changing in their lives too. Maybe that’s you or a loved one. My pricing in May offers huge discounts, which you can see on my website.

One thing new for me, is my co-hosting a television show, which was produced about Me! You can view the first of the two-part series from a link right here, or on my website. Part II will air on my Anniversary, May 19. Coincidence?

Now that my Moon signed just changed to Aries, representing discovering ‘who am I,’ and taking more of a leadership role, is it coincidence, synchronicity or both that, all-of-a-sudden I see more clearly who I am, based on a past life just clearly revealed, in several “seemingly unconnected circumstances.”

I discovered how Gere and my current love, figure in to that discovery of who I was, which fits what I have felt intuitively, explains my life perfectly, and is an integral part of who I am now. As Aries emotionally now, I am Aries reborn and Aries bravely taking up my Aries sword to speak for truth and love.

I love “Interpreting the Stars” for You! Here’s your link, or access it from my website, on the page, “Rachel on TV”:  Interpreting the Stars

Love from Rachel Star of Sedona

Have a positive and empowering Reading with Rachel by telephone, Skype OR meet with Rachel in her (non-office, non-retail store) serene Sedona Reading location. Pop in to ongoing basic Astrology classes Wednesdays 3:30-5:00 or Fridays 4:00–5:30 for $20. Each accurate, insight-packed Reading renders peace of mind and joy via loving Tarot, Astrology, Past Life influence, and a 100%-accurate destiny system, all included, evoking clarity and emotional relief. Book Rachel Star of Sedona for events too. www.rachelstarofsedona.com , call 928-282-3444, cell/text 850-566-6698, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and LIKE her Face book page, Rachel Star of Sedona and Friend her at Rachel Spirit.



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