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Like many around the world, we recently learned we lost a Prince (co-incidentally to the ‘reign’-ing Queen’s 90th birthday –purple being the color of royalty).

Last week I wrote that we are angels in training, and since that recent blog, it was reported that the world sacrificed Prince Rogers Nelson to death. What might have really occurred?

I know when I heard the news my body reacted tremendously; more than for any other major devastating news. Why? What am I picking up? I am a sensitive intuitive, but I’ll let you do some detective work, and give you a peek into clues of what mystery I may be illuminating…revealing.

I'm sure the news will soon reveal more of what I am hinting at.

Hundreds of thousands went to YouTube and have come across a myriad of videos, many about possible mal intended mischief. Certainly don’t believe everything you hear, but read on.

In fact, I saw an old Simpsons clip which seemed to foretell his passing. If you have curiosity and 3 minutes, watch ‘Prince Hoax Predictive Programming in 2008 Simpsons Episode,’ on YouTube.

There are also hints in that video, showing Simpsons program clips about 9/11, Robin Williams’ committing suicide (p.s., his movie, What Dreams May Come was about suicide), Joan Rivers’ not waking up, having been in a room where medical procedures occur… all broadcast before the tragedies occurred.

YouTube is available for your own further inquiry. How about the car accident of Paul Walker and the synchronicity of how he died, to his movie. His father said he was ready to quit Hollywood. What has Randy Quaid said, and others?

Prince’s song, Let’s Go Crazy, had lyrics, ‘and if the elevator tries to break you down…’  These following lyrics are what he sang at Club Tivoli in 1998.

“I’ve got to go back to America, I’ve got to get ready for the bomb, Osama bin Laden getting ready to bomb, America you better watch out, 2001.”

With his recent comments to his final audience, after an emergency landing of his plane for ‘some’ reason, to …’save your prayers for a few days,’ …then his death a few days later, many wonder if he may have also known what was going to transpire.

On PBS TV’s Tavis Smiley show. Prince spoke of his deep concern about chemtrails being spread in our skies for years, (not to be confused with airplane vapor trails) and their negative effects on people, apparently courageous to say so.

May I suggest we follow his wish for us to inquire more, so his ‘sacrifice’ was not in vain? I watched a film in Sedona about it, last year, noting indisputable facts.

My closest friend was engaged to consult for a movie star, who revealed her insights on a significant part the entertainment industry, indicating she did not want to ‘sell her soul’ in order to rise.

Knowledge is power, and can enable less consumption and persuasion by subliminal programming, through awareness. What is offered on the films we rush to see besides power plays, politics, wealth, bickering, rage, scenes of death, killing, battling, sex, lies, gossip, betrayal, secrets, etc.? There are alternatives that we can choose to be infused with, but some of the above is tempting and addictive, isn’t it?

Living in a physical world, the ego seems to be worshipped. How many of us have sold our souls to rise in life? Good for us if we saw the light.

It’s the ‘devilishness’ in us that gives us cause to look deeper into our own character, and strive to perfect our naturally-born angelic nature, curbing our shadow sides. So ultimately, we can say there’s good in everything. Death is not the bitter end; indeed, but a new journey devoid of earthly burdens and temptations. It’s a learning planet for angels in training. Heaven can be on earth, if we choose, and it doesn’t mean sacrificing abundance and joy. Quite the opposite.

Here’s my story. When I sang in high school for the talent show, suddenly this shy girl was being singled out as having talent like a star. My neighbor heard me sing in a YMCA talent show, insisting I audition for her producer brother in NYC. Soon I was under Contract to a major recording company label. As fate took me, I broke my contract, to follow a more important opportunity.

Some years later, winning talent show after talent show, I was approached for a Contract and the one who negotiated on my behalf, turned them down indicating that I would have to ‘sell my soul.’

Years further on, when yet a different record label showed interested in me, my producer, now years well-known producing A-list artists, flew to see me with great original songs, yet fate intervened again and it never occurred.

Long story short, years later, when visiting the town where he lived, I searched for him, and received a phone call from his family member who remembered me from my teens, shouting and threatening me to stay away, never look for him again, then eventually changed their tone and said they were doing me a favor, and in a pleasant, caring voice, asked how I was doing. Perhaps I should be grateful for that call.

The point of the story is that many A-listers literally say they have, and warn us not to, sell our soul, saying it is not worth it. Many got tempted in the innocence of youth.

Ask yourself, why would I bypass my true values? It can never bring the peace that passeth understanding. The true reward is heaven within, everlasting.

It can seem like hard work to fight temptation to gossip, tell lies and hurt another for 15 minutes of perceived glory, but the truth always comes out and those actions become revelatory forms of guilt and shame.

Ask yourself why we do what we do? What is our motive? Devilish? The white light of love, patience and resisting temptation is the inner reward. Be in this terrestrial ego-centric world, but not of it.

In the yin and yang there will always be equal dark and equal light. We can notice darkness in the world, but it doesn’t have to sway its seeming influence of power over us. Where do we put our attention? Having ears for 24-hour bad news, or filling our precious time with inspiration to let our light shine brighter?

Let’s focus more on our blessings; the love, the peace, the abundance, good health, and joy that is our birthright. The Bible says it is done unto us as we Believe. Resist temptations to believe that celebrity, royalty and their publicized lifestyles, money, power and sensual indulgences, in media and film are what we are meant to worship and follow.

Many keep their actual lifestyles very private and are not what the media proclaim, what their contracts demand they portray, or how they are publicly humiliated.

Who was Prince really? Perhaps he had been tempted, and signed a CONTRACT to ride up the wheel of fortune, on the wheels of the cog of blended industries which can deal out the best hands in the deck, living life off the charts; among the controlling elite, privy to secret information.

Eventually, as he explained on Larry King Live, he stepped back from the (my word: devilish) Contract his spiritual self didn’t want to fulfill any longer, believing he should own the rights to his creative efforts.  And perhaps exposed some of what he knew, and paid for it?

Don’t believe everything you read, hear and see. Much is subliminal or illusory. Don’t believe me, just because I’m a blogger. I always like to give power where it belongs.  With you.

Fear can never win when the light is turned on. It helps to be awake and aware of what is subliminally possibly going on in the dark side; underworld, beneath what things look like on the surface.

Follow your pilot light … God within us all. Who is that wizard behind the curtain in Oz? Just a man trying to pretend he has power, and instill fear. Click your heels and chant, there’s no place like home. Pull the curtain back to reveal who is behind the scenes.

Wake up and know angels are everywhere loving and protecting you. Wherever we are, God is.

We can rise so much higher living in truth and love. Prince has indeed been a sacrifice to show us the way. I’m certain you will hear much more to this mystery that I have been attempting to illuminate.

Love from Rachel Star of Sedona

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