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Let’s start with the concept that there are only three relationships. Three. How is your relationship with God? You may not call God God, or believe in God, but still be connected to your inner loving voice that gives good advice.

We are hotwired to our spiritual source. Once deeply knowing (what I call) God, you’ll naturally be consulting God within, about your perceptions and for your decisions. Then you are working on a healthy relationship with yourself.

Now your third are relationships with others, and can be well, as well. One, two, three.

Now I’ll rephrase the three. The trinity are One. We are all made of God and in looking at others, are looking at ourselves. How we treat others, is how we are treating ourselves, usually unconsciously.

We are all here to experience experiences, without judgment as God does not judge, and karma is a self-belief of what We Believe we deserve as punishment and reward. We are here to ultimately, miraculously ground the Light of our one true self/ves here on terra firma, which breathes our consciousness into time and space for ourselves and future loved ones/self.

There are many names for God; too many to list here, and even more ways God is perceived. My belief is that God is only good; all else is false belief.

There has been much suffering in the world. Generations upon generations have carried wounds that their children feel and take on empathically. The wounds are not who we are, though we believe we are the false ego determinations we made about ourselves from the hurts.

In my life so far, I met one, only one person who said she had not felt any problems at all in her life. She was probably in her late 50s. Perhaps you know someone like that.

But we are surrounded by people who suffer. Perhaps you don’t think that they do, but call them, instead, bullies or a similar derogatory adjective. Can we push the boundaries of our perceptions to toy with the concept it is because they suffered?

If this is school here on earth, and we are meant to learn concepts other than math and geography, what are we meant to learn? We all have an inner push to feel better about ourselves, and want to graduate/elevate. Eventually something spurs us to finally get our wounds healed and set about learning a way.

There are many paths, just as there are many religious paths. But the goal isn’t this or that religion, it is your own connection to your own inner light of love that loves you unconditionally and in every moment, ready, able and willing to guide and teach you. Religions can put you on the road to inquiry outside of its rules, into self discovery. You will find they all point to love.

God’s love and insights may show itself in the groundskeeper that you speak to, the student you are teaching, the professional communicator, the child; in fact as many potentials of life experiences as there are, is the vastness of many ways that God can take form for you.

The iconic Life Magazine, decades ago, probably in the 80s, before communication with something other than a terrestrial person was usual, had an angel on the cover, quoting a study that most of us believe we are practicing to be an angel in the future. A messenger of God.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you is a golden rule. That about says it. Others who are raging at you, or throwing shade at you, which is the new pop phrase, are showing you what memories they carry from their past experiences. How many of us know how to release that burden?

As we are a family on earth, parents and siblings to each other, and angels in training, can we do anything to avoid passing on wounds to others today and throughout time eternal? Yes we can, by recognizing that childhood treatment at home, or traumatic experience you survived at another’s hand, or today’s current situation pushing your buttons, can be transmuted by:

One, knowing God is only Good and is speaking loving truths to remind you that what you see, hear and feel is someone’s trauma they took on from others, and a cry for release. Do you have ears to hear God within? As the angel in you remembers that, you can breathe through the tension you took on, and love the child in them by offering a compliment, word of love, or light touch with loving eyes.

Aah, there is your opportunity, your test, your pop quiz, to transmute negativity into positivity. As in the militant service, where we get stars, stripes, pins and medals, and as in sports where we became strong, also, to withstand offenses, are quick on our feet, with developed quick minds, we get trophies and accolades. By knowing the truth of others’ (and our own) pain, we are getting our wings by operating from a higher love.

Wings allow us to fly and float over the heavy burdens carried on the physical plane. We see things from the higher vision, like sitting on a hill looking at the little houses, trees and people.

Fly high little bird. You are greater than someone’s trauma. Your mamma, your papa carried others’ wounds and as little ones who are like sponges, we empathically felt the pain. Free yourself by knowing God loves us all equally. We are not sinners being punished for wrong doing. We do ‘wrong’ from pain we don’t know how to lift off of ourselves, let alone how to lift off others.

They were little ones who took on others pain, may have hurt you unmercifully, and once we learn here in school, the history of pain, we can re-write the future and be the angel of mercy and understanding, ourselves.

Watch how that lifts you up. Spread your wings, jump off the safe limb and observe how you Fly, Free.

Love from Rachel Star of Sedona

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