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Like a slingshot pulled back, we will eventually be shot into the air with farther and greater reach than before. We are now literally in the stage of being pulled back… in time! Can you grasp that concept?

Just as in sleep, we involuntarily surrender to our eyes closing, stopping our forward motions in the outer world, and whether you are aware or not, we dream. We become refreshed, body and soul. What a God-given miracle.

When we are ‘made’ tired, to rest, in dreams our psyche shows us the inner world; visions of images that our subconscious believes, wrangles with, insights to inspire and change how we create our life, and more.

We can talk about dreams another day, but my point is about involuntarily stopping our forward motion, and receiving insights for creating our dreams, literally.

Some of us don’t volunteer to God-given times for pulling back; not naturally intuitive to ‘signs’ of need to pause, thinking our incessant thoughts mean that we need to make decisions right away,… or noticing signs via delays, cancellations, miscommunications, and the like, encouraging us to slow down our thought process, pay closer attention, and refresh before taking action.

We also can inwardly feel when our green flag is waving again, indicating when to go,… if we pay attention, too, within our psyche.

You’ve intuited what I’m hinting at. This is the time to rest, rest, rest, not push forward, but listen to your inner guidance.

With ten God-created heavenly bodies having more than subtle influence on the watery fluids that make up most of our being, five of them are stopping to rest, not giving us a guiding hand forward.

Two of them, sun and moon, never stop their forward motion, leaving eight that do, and five of those eight are pushing us back in time, all at the same time, mind you, as they retrace their steps, doing the backstroke in space, called retrograde…going back over where they had already been. So we need to rethink what we have been doing and realize the planets are not pulling us forward.

These times are a blessing, though it looks like things are going wrong on the outer. The printer fails, emails get lost, decisions become confused with backtracking, anger within wants to burst and be exposed, etc.

This is the wrong time to add more to your plate. No buying of anything important. No starting anything important. Does that make sense?

It’s okay to think about it, discuss it, check things out, but nothing good will gel from it for a bit of time. You will change your mind about things and people. You’ll discover things and people are not what they seem, and if you slow down, listen, and be patient, you will eventually have all the right things and people in order.

But if you jump the starting gun, well, my wishing you good luck won’t help.

So when is the starting gun, or the alarm clock waking things up so they and we are refreshed, and good to go forward again, not still groggy mind you, but stepping lively?

Well, with Mercury ruling all communication, thinking, contracts, commerce, and all things with moving parts, you should wait until the third week of May when you could have all the insight that is true and in your best interest. However, Mars is retrograde too, and lethargic for almost two months longer after Mars starts walking again.

Considering Mars rules energy, passion, arguments, competition, and most importantly, the energy propelling everything, for all systems to be a ‘go,’ I would say, wait until the middle of July. I’m just saying. Even NASA delays lift offs, don’t they?

Track it and see how things don’t work well; lots of chaos, slow going, and likely things fall apart within 1 to 2 years, if begun ‘now.’

Now, on the other hand, if you must redo something, by all means go forward. But best be advised not to buy or begin something new if it is important to you.

This phenomenon of so many planets retrograding (retro, i.e. going back in time) all at the same time, is not a usual thing, by any means. However, as in the slingshot motion, if you will allow yourself to pull back, rest, take things slowly, and assimilate information without making any important decisions, you can soar very, very, very high once the energy releases all that you have realized during the sacred rest time God wishes for us.

It will cause us to rise greatly, from first pulling back and gaining treasure that is crucial to have, in knowing how best to move outwardly once again.  Treasures are Promised.

Without the extremely valuable gems of insight and information you will gain during April, May and June, if you move forward before the ‘dream state’ sleep is over, you would, well, let’s say, feel like a zombie, versus refreshed, ready and able to take on the world.

You may even feel a bit more drained than usual, which God realizes, and why this much-needed rest is provided, to pull back. So just know that this is not a time for business as usual, but can be a dream come true if you just give patience a chance now.

Get lots of sleep, more than usual, and talk things over and over before pushing any ‘go’ buttons. Happy laid back April, May and June. There will be gifts under your pillow when you wake.

Love from Rachel Star of Sedona

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