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Are you breathing heavy? Things too much? Do you see signs of slowing down or feel strong winds? Could you withstand a standstill? Don’t hold your breath, instead take a deep breath.

For those in the know, we can go with the flow, and use this time of Change in the Wind, the way it is meant, for your good.

First, catch your breath. Slow down Enough, that you actually look around. Have you been so wrapped up in things that you haven’t been able to step back and assess where you are?

Sometimes we get so caught up in what is on our plate that we don’t realize either that it’s not a taste making your heart sing, or that our head has fallen into the plate and we can’t even see what is there.

Take a fresh bite, it may be tasty, or not, but were you so busy that you weren’t even fully aware of what you were biting repeatedly?

Can you afford to stop to smell the roses? You can’t afford not to.

This is not just Mercury retrograde time, coming up this month, which many of you know occurs three times each year, asking us to re-think, chill out, and make no important decisions or agreements, but it is also Mars retrograde time, which only occurs once every two years.

Mars is The Energy; the ‘on’ switch, ‘go’ switch, the passion and motivation, the pedal to the metal..action! Though Mars (and Pluto) begin their retrograde on the 17th, they are already in their shadow of the retrograde, and laid down, in bed, curled up and half asleep, so you may have already felt things halting, or mis-stepping for some time already.

Watch for a big wind shear of ‘stopping winds celestially,’ effecting us terrestrially in our every day goings on, from tax day and even past the huge emotional pull of the upcoming Full Moon, through the 24th, in my estimation.

Then with Mercury stationing on the 28th, its wind shear in stopping the wind to turn around in the sky, should be felt on the 26th through the 30th. You may do well to write down these dates.

What?  Saturn is in retrograde now, and Jupiter is in retrograde too? 

All five, yes count them, five planets will be singing the same oldies tune, engaging us to go within and rethink Everything. Retro means back in time…as in retro clothing or hairdos. It means the planetary forces of movement through the sky are not pulling us forward, as in giving us a hand up, forward into the future, but are now slowed down to stop and go backwards in the sky, i.e. exerting their force backwards, onto us to review the past. Going back in time indeed, literally. 

Have you ever felt a wind pushing you so hard that it was not easy to walk forward; in fact sometimes it forced you to step backwards, and then retreat indoors? We had to change our plans and stop, until the winds died down.

We will be inclined to slow down, review our direction, and look back at what we have been doing, how we have been behaving, go inside, within our own soul and get new insights about our future. You may be inwardly inspired onto a new road or attitude.

It is time to retro; re everything; re-think, re-do, re-organize, re-plan, re-view, re-visit, re-contact old customers of friends, re-charge, re-lax, re-write, re-decorate, re-turn to love, peace, stillness and find your true self there.

Avoid purchases of anything with moving parts, reschedule surgery if you can, don’t initiate a law suit or argument, as they are under Mercury and Mars’ law, which are not energized to help you now.

We may feel a lack of energy, and in most cases it’s not a need for a trip to the medical office. Mars will start to wake up at the end of June, but still be groggy so things should start RUNning again at its best, after mid July.

Do what you can to stay supple and energized but don’t be hard on yourself for your desire to chill out.

Mercury will start thinking clearly again and you will have insights that were necessary, which is why we should not do important things until it has given you a golden envelope with your next clue, by or about the 23rd but will still be taking baby steps for a few days, with wind shear starting the engines again.

What a great time to take some sort of a vacation, restfully re-evaluating what has been on the plate. Is it time for a new line of work, a new location, be a new refreshed you? 

It is these built-in, God-given times for us to pause, so that we don’t get so blinded with blinders, running mindlessly on the treadmill, that we stay stuck in grooves that are not us any longer.

This is not the time to launch something new if it is important. Wait until after the retrograde, please. However, if it is not a concern to you that these things will likely last a maximum of two years, until the next Mars retrograde, then hit the start, go, and do button! So keep that in mind, too J

If time is now pressing you to fix previous surgery then re-do. If it is re-launching a business, re-launch. If it is repairing a relationship full of fighting, then re-pair, etc.

Think of retrograde as a planet had been swimming forward from one end of the pool (sky), point A, to the other end of the pool, point B, and will retrograde when it swims back from point B to point A, swimming over the area where it had just been swimming forward. That’s what I mean when I write that we are already feeling it, already IN it. The point A to point B area, is called the ‘shadow.’

Tag your luggage well, hold off on contractual agreements, watch your tongue, expect delays and cancellations. Let it all roll off your back while you lounge around communing with nature, spirit and get to know who you really are, outside of the rat race. You may find you are back in touch with people from the past.

Would you think that these are opportune times to have a spiritual Reading and re-assess everything, re-connect with God? Take a deep breath, and Breathe Easy. God is always talking, we just need to listen.

Love from Rachel Star of Sedona

Have a positive and empowering Reading with Rachel by telephone, Skype OR meet in her serene Sedona Reading Room. Pop in to ongoing basic Astrology classes Wednesdays 3:30-5:00 or Fridays 4:00–5:30 for $20. Each accurate, insight-packed Reading renders peace of mind via loving Tarot, Astrology, Past Life influences, and a 100%-accurate destiny system, all evoking clarity and emotional relief. Book Rachel Star of Sedona for events too. www.rachelstarofsedona.com , call 928-282-3444, cell/text 850-566-6698, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and LIKE her Face book page, Rachel Star of Sedona and Friend her at Rachel Spirit.



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