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How good was your morning? Let me, instead, ask, how good did you create your morning to be? From the moment our eyes open (not controlled by you), what are the first thoughts that you meet?

Maybe you remembered the dream you were dreaming, or the nightmare. They each have a deeper message for us than what appeared to be occurring in our imagination. Think of it as ‘sign’ language. I can interpret dreams through insight during your Reading, yet you can practice interpreting yourself.

If the first thoughts that you hear have nothing to do with the sleep you just woke up from, what did the inner voice say? Was it anything like, I’m grateful for another waking experience in the living world? Might it have been something akin to, oh, no, today is the day of that surgery? Or, oh, woe is me, another day without my darling loved one?

We DO have control over our next thoughts, and as many as we can muster throughout time. It does take practice, but first takes a decision to participate in the thoughts our inner voice brainwashes us with.

Was the word brainwash more powerful a word than I could have chosen to be in our discussion? When you think deeper about the subject, we DO believe everything we hear…at least in our own inner speaking voice. And often believe the insults others, less spiritually conscious, utter to us in their own low self worth. We tell ourselves the many reasons why we hate this or that person, or tell ourselves the various ways in which we are not good enough. Etc.

This physical world is based in (we are sourced from) divine spirit. We were given free will, and from generations ago, we carry the perceptions handed down to our parents, from whom, without realization, washed our brains with some dirty water. It is up to us to keep a clean environment.


May I step out on a limb, if this concept may be a new one to you, that what we see in our outer world does stem from our subconscious belief patterns. I.e., good things happen to me, or life is easy, comfortable, delightful, healthy, safe and abundant. How about adopting that affirmation as your own.

Do you notice that the opposite speaks to you most often. Of course, that negative thing happened to me. I am a magnet for the worst. I am so clumsy. I always draw the wrong people in relationships.


If we were sent to school to memorize 1 and 1 equals 2, and remember that it took a while for us to remember that, what makes us think practicing empowering thoughts and words are going to show up in our outer world if we have just started watching our thoughts, words and deeds? Don’t stop till you get enough belief in goodness that it becomes you.

I welcome that surgery, knowing I am in great hands, and all will be better than before. (If you are connected powerfully to the divinity of our creation, you might be able to believe/know that you are always well and your body regenerates healthy cells consistently…everything that I do and consume is for my good, notwithstanding.) Practicing with little baby steps may take you there one day.


Say, instead, I am grateful to have been given the blessing of experiencing love with that wonderful person, who is now on vacation from life. We will meet again joyously, and I know they wish me to be happy again as soon as I will allow myself, sans guilt for feeling so. Other people who are blessings are drawn toward me. Thank you God that my prayers are always heard and for your everlasting love. Remember, prayers are thoughts. Does your free will believe in good mornings, for instance?

School lasts for a lot longer than it takes to learn positivity; a nonjudgmental, empowering, unconditional way of thinking. Like aspirin, it eventually sinks in and acts on its own. It is you. It is the God-given truth of you.

Good morning. Good day. Good evening. Good life.

ove from Rachel Star of Sedona

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