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What is magic? Is it the trade of magicians, the feeling of falling in love, or the moment of seeing your newborn child? Perhaps it is the awe of seeing and being in Sedona, or another heart-thrilling experience for you. Certainly all of those evoke exceptional reactions in us.

Definitions on the internet are: ‘the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces,’ ‘the use of means (as charms or spells) believed to have supernatural power over natural forces, ‘rites or incantations,’ ‘an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source,’ something that seems to cast a spell; enchantment,’ ‘the art of producing illusions as entertainment by the use of slight of hand, deceptive devices.’

Let’s break these down and see the deception perception in some of these phrases, revealing instead the natural truths. First of all, what is supernatural? We have to start with what is natural. Natural are the plants and trees, crystals in earth, blooms and fruits that were naturally here for us. Pretty super and special gifts, if you ask me.

Natural are our body systems that mysteriously, generally work in harmony, created by what we call a supernatural system or intelligence. I call that the divine mystery, creator God. Super indeed.

Charms can be crystals, beads or seeds, which come from nature, and charming words, along with spells being words, but words either carry intention and passion, or are spoken by rote, without any aware consciousness powering them.


If words are spoken to you, let’s take a for instance, naming you gorgeous or ugly, they have a power to influence, seemingly, in a supernatural way. Logic goes out the window, and we are apparently influenced by the word. Under the spell of the sayer. How did the word make you feel?

What do you say to yourself? Not good enough? Did people treat you less than lovingly and respectful, call you names twenty years ago that repeat and repeat in your inner ear? You are under a spell, so to say, of illusion, delusion, deception.

Tell yourself the truth! Now you see it. Now you don’t! Change your mind and you can do magic, like the song says. You are a super power creating magic with your own imagination.

Watch the magic when you Practice Expecting good things in your day…in the next moment, hour, lifetime.

Watch the magic of how YOU feel, seeing another’s countenance brighten when you thank them with your smiling eyes, enabling them to see you mean it, not just mindlessly repeating empty words.

Do not deceive yourself that life has you under a dark star? The sky is always blue above the ethereal clouds. Release the pointing fingers at others, let blame drift out of sight with the next moving cloud, and notice the inner enchantment that is your true nature. Supernatural is natural. God is not deceptive or slight of hand, but are you?

Rites or incantations are focused intention and the energy ignited to power belief. When I was a young teenager in camp, I joined some others in intending to lift another, as she lay on her back, on a blanket on the ground.  We each put two fingers under her back to lift, and surprisingly we lifted her effortlessly as if she was weightless. It was mindblowing. You’ve probably experienced that in youth, when minds hadn’t closed so much.

When you allow your belief systems to expand into the magic of God’s natural supernatural world, we lift ourselves to see more of the power of good. You may say you wish for a utopian world, yet do you believe in one? Do you contribute your energies into only love?

Dark magic is powered by the same generic energy,… words, beliefs and intentions. If you believe you can only succeed financially, or in hoarding power, by stepping on another because there is not enough for everyone to be happy, you create the backlash that comes from working against good.

We have an inner guidance system that knows when we are not in harmony with the nature of universal good. That is your karma; your subconscious belief system.

The responses from believing that love shall be extended to all, will fill your life with blessings and miracles. Lack of universal, unconditional love causes the spirit to shut down, hate and hurt. We are not naturally made to judge and withdraw love. We are naturally love.

As in the definition above, you can influence the course of events by using mysterious, supernatural forces; God’s all-encompassing love, in how you choose to perceive every situation and person. Look within to your underlying motives and don’t perceive ego as naturally super(ior) any longer.

Create a little magic and see the natural super-nature of life, for yourself.

Poof! Proof!


Love from Rachel Star of Sedona

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