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Did you have to get a permission slip from your parents when you were in school? Well school’s out for many of us, but whose permission are you still seeking?

Some people seem like they don’t seek God, Creator’s permission when they act out in a way that we deem abusive or just impolite. Others use God as their excuse for those behaviors. Forgive them, for they know not what they do.

It’s not about them. It’s about us. Me, you. If we know we are worthy, merely by God giving birth to us, thereby we are the child of God’s brilliant love, we won’t resonate, any longer, as able to feel disrespected. Shrug off the dirt from the shoulder and continue being truth and love. ‘They’ (we) act from fear, how they (we) were treated or taught in error.

Subliminally many of us are looking for approval… from each other. We may not approve of ourselves or others, but God approves of us, in the journey back to remembering the miracle of who we are. So shall we then approve of us all, realizing we are all journeying back to the warm comforts of real home. How often do we ‘phone home’ as in the movie ET? Try it, you’ll like it! We have a hotline to heaven.

Am I good enough, can I give an opinion that won’t upset you? May I be excused? He/she is this or that. We may not like another’s behavior, but the true light and soul of a person is not their current behavior. That's their own path for their personal potential learning curve. Like a sculptor, we are chipping away at what is not the true expression of inner beauty. You have permission to be gentle with yourself, and see the light of God as the fundamental truth.

The key is balance. Like the 2 legs we stand upon, which balance us, we are permitted to express our challenges while being, or returning to, grace with ourselves and thinking of others with the grace of love.

We have God’s permission to be authentic, to be and speak our truth, or in some cases, what we perceive is truth, but really the illusion… of what simply is not Godlike.

There is a pot of gold waiting when you jump on and ride the rainbow of many colors of diverse truth, all stemming from the white light of purity, surrendering and trusting in the mystery of not knowing where the journey lands. Not in Emerald City, per se, but the land of many mansions. Follow the yellow brick road in front, and it will lead us Home, Sweet Home.  Permission to land, while still on terra firma. All systems Go. God. Good.

ove from Rachel Star of Sedona

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