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Is it the Age of Aquarius?  If so, what does that mean?  First of all, every year the Sun goes into the zodiac portion of the sky we call Aquarius. That just occurred Wednesday, Jan. 20, so the spotlight of the Sun will be showcasing Aquarian qualities for about a month.

It is our opportunity to welcome these traits into our own lives. Do you need to experience independence? Are you uncomfortable being alone, always needing to call someone or be in someone’s company? Why not go to a movie by yourself, or sit in a restaurant, eating with yourself as company? Just be. You are really never alone with angel messengers patiently waiting for your silence to hear.

On the other hand, Aquarius rules friends, but can be the hermit, as its genius and idealism doesn’t easily tolerate less. Be choosy, but get out there and mingle. Aquarius wants truth, so experiment with spending more time with those who also want to live in authenticity and integrity, versus superficiality.

When it actually dawns, (astrologers differ if The Age has arrived or yet to come) we will notice more revolution for freedom (and truth).  Something has been happening, because Aquarius also rules the internet, television, networking, and all social media, reaching masses to enlighten humanity.

We’ve already seen revolts for freedom and truth through pictures in real time. TV politics is taking on real talk about issues people have been wanting exposed.

Brotherhood and saving the planet are themes of Aquarius. We may hear surprising news, but always keep in mind we cannot raise consciousness unless we expose outdated traditions that keep us down. The outcome will ultimately bring evolution.

In your own life, is it time to open your mind? It’s not the first “New Age.” If the term makes you quiver in judgment, remember that Christ consciousness brought a New Age, just over 2,000 years ago, the Age of Pisces. Yes, Ages go backwards on the zodiac. Before the Age bringing Pisces spirituality to the forefront, was the Age of Aries; fighting and war was the accepted ‘way’ to be.

How many people, then, embraced the new way of Christ? Jesus was crucified, by golly. This New Age of Aquarius is simply inviting more of the masses to accept reality that we are all one; a brotherhood. When I point the finger at you, I miss the opportunity to notice the other 4 digits are pointing at me, with the opportunity to see how I have, or have had, the same quality I bicker about you.

If you can look another in the eye and recognize truth that we are basically the same, the prizes of our challenges with others are the opportunities to clean out our own gunk, which they mirror. The Water Bearer of Aquarius is pouring truth upon the masses, to free our souls and live in utopia.

Be willing to be the unique you, not necessarily so weird that you are hard to take seriously, but willing to break out of the old-fashioned patterning. I find it so funny when people take on appearances of rebels, not realizing that it is just another pattern that they are following.

Be unique in that you differ from gossipers, blame throwers, climbing the ladder at others’ expense, or needing the spotlight on you in competition to feed the empty ego. Shine your heart light in recognizing what is your truth. Are you needing another’s approval, thereby always assigning yourself to meet with their praise?


Aquarius also rules astrology. Is it time to look at your progressed chart? Your sun sign may have changed, bringing a 90-degree change to your life. Maybe Venus just changed, effecting your love and money. Did you just have a Mars return, signifying the beginning of new 2-year cycle regarding men, passion and what will light your fire for this new go-round? 

Are you inclined to learn basic astrology? In just one class you can learn some facts that occur several times every week, and affect your life in huge ways.

Aquarius simply wants you to be in the know, and to connect with the angelic messengers awaiting your ear to learn spiritual ways, upgrade your life and soar with free eagles.

Love from Rachel Star of Sedona


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