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You may or may not have made new year resolutions, but be honest, if you did, do yours end up the same, year after year, disintegrated from non-use?

If you don’t make resolutions, do you, then, work on perfecting yourself anyway, throughout the year?

Be honest. Look, none of us know when our last living breath will be. Are there people you are still judging poorly, or holding grudges against? Do you think you are right; holier than thou? Has someone, or ones, plural, hurt you, disappointed you?

It doesn’t matter if you feel hurt from 20-40 years ago, or more recently. If you haven’t taken the time to search in your heart for the Why it occurred to You, do it today, or tonight. Don’t waste time.

Turn off the tv, power down your smart phone and turn on your inner communication. This is the most powerful device there will ever be while you live. Try it, you’ll like it. It’s not the picky inner voice, but the peaceful, universal loving one.

I like to inundate myself with outer communication that feeds my soul, reminds me who I am; and in fact, who we all are…made of God, able to live as God.

I want to continually grow into my real self, less living as a false self, raised in a world of competitive ego. When we judge and blame others, we forget our pure heritage. Since most of us are not ‘brought up’ to be fed pure spiritual insight as fuel, we believe we must compete to be successful. Just older children, really.

Studies show that bodies of students at the most prestigious universities have a high percentage of depression, when they realize that their intelligence and plethora of facts about the physical life, doesn’t bring fulfilling peace and sustainable inner comfort.

With the default way of thinking as only logic (versus defaulting to the loving, empowering inner God-speak), then logic reasons, if success in the world of business accomplishment cannot make me happy, then nothing can accomplish that, because that’s what the world has projected to aim for.

Depression can lead to anti-depressant or anxiety pills, which actually in the long run brings depression back, which can lead to suicide and murder. Who hasn’t yet woken up to that phenomenon in our educational system?

In schools, ego bullies, based really in holes already in young hearts, both the bully and one bullied. In higher educational establishments, Bill got a better grade, Joan got the better job. Or, I received offers from the most successful and prestigious companies, yet I feel no more joy than a fleeting happiness that I have competed well against the rest of the world.

Is that all there is? It is never too late to learn how to be joyful, peaceful, feel love for yourself, and abundant within your own soul. God doesn’t reward one over another for these innate qualities always in your soul. We simply have to seek within to find and discover.

Start with asking why you are angry? Then go deeper and ask if there is something in you that mirrors a characteristic or way of acting, even if in the past, that you have done or been that same way. It is probably a character trait that you don’t like in yourself. Young people mirror what adults are mirroring.

If we can’t discover the root in ourselves, and make amends, we have leaks in our heart that will continue to mirror the life we believe. Poor me, poor life.

It’s the new year. I’ll put it in this wording: Let old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind. That person I still think did me wrong, …wow, I can see how it is Me that has a big problem in letting go of old thoughts that keep leaking my joyful frequency, and reducing my own joy.

Regarding that person who I think acted disrespectfully to me, have I ever exhibited that behavior in my past? If not, then I may do it in the future, without realizing, simply so I can be shown how ‘human’ we all are.

Does calling you names make me feel better than you? Why do I need to feel better? Did I forget who I am? The exquisite nature of God, my real parent? Why then do I have a need to compete? And have I ever fit those same names?

Here’s how to feel better. After examing your subconscious, from whence our thoughts and actions stem, move on to the next step and work on what is leaking within. How does this make me wake up and change what I am drawing to myself. Was I feeling inadequate? Insecure? Plug that leak with truth, and don’t you forget it! Then watch how life mirrors our unconscious expectation of peace and good will.

Replace competition with cooperation. There is enough for everyone, even though you may have been told otherwise. If you decide that your best destiny is what you wish to fulfill before having no more breath to live the game of life, then start now to apologize, wish All people well within, and step through those fears, to be not only patched up, but shimmering within and without for you to shine the light of what is truth.

Realizing you have this one life to live, that blame and shame are simply old acquaintance revisited over and over, in your mind, reliving the thoughts that made you feel superior, resolve to remember the truth.

It may not be as easy as texting mindlessly, all day, and watching tv all night, but only we choose how to use our time. Poor me or pure me. Purify what you can.

It will feel freeing. It is healthy. Now, what will you do right now? How about starting with a new saying you can repeat silently in your mind, rather than entertain old, worn out, conflicting thoughts that make you believe you have problems. It’s your merry go round, or is it your morbid go-round?

Here’s to life; happy new moment. Let’s live there. In a moment all is well. We are alive, and given free will to choose our thoughts… This moment. That’s all we are promised.

Love from Rachel Star of Sedona

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