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The Twelve days of Christmas began on Christmas Day. As an astrologer for many decades, I can pass along some little-known insight. The twelve days we are experiencing right now are going to mirror back to us, how we have been, and are, conducting ourselves, come the next 12 months. What? Yes! Twelve days, twelve months.

Every year, December 25 is Our virgin birth, as in the zodiac sign Virgo, the virgin. We can be reborn pure, like virgin snow. What shape were you in, on Christmas day, Friday?
Your intentions and behaviors will show up in a similar form, in January, the first month. Virgo wants to refine, perfect and be of working sacred service, doing the right thing. Healthy routines like exercising, moderating food choices, cleaning, organizing and decluttering, are highlighted.

On the other hand, keep in mind that each zodiac sign carries not only the light, but gives us free will choice to choose otherwise. That could be overly critical, finding fault and unhealthy obsessive perfectionism.

As the second day of Christmas, December 26 mirrored the next zodiac sign, Libra, with your results appearing in February. How did you spend Saturday? Libra is about balancing the scales to make a fair decision. It’s about relating with others. Marriage, clients, roommates, justice, etc. On the other side of the scale, it can feel like inwardly being out of balance. Too much of anything. Find your spirit’s balance by listening and feeling what seems to be a win-win, and the right timing of things, in your own nature, before acting.

December 27, the third day of Christmas, was Sunday, and mirrored Scorpio, which behaviors will show up in March’s experiences. Scorpio reveals power and abundance, as well as what is going on in our deep subconscious. What people and places are you merging with to be more than you can be on your own? Are you invested in the dark forces of hurting others to appear more powerful? Are you ready to heal and transform your life?

December 28, Monday, the fourth day of Christmas, mirrors Sagittarius. This will appear back to us in April. Sagittarius wants to open our minds, learn or teach, be generous, and move that body. Read, write, dance, explore other cultures and their spiritual philosophies, take a trip, etc. Just don’t give away all of your bank account; play sports, after not playing for 30 years, like a teenager and break a leg. In short, not be so overly optimistic that you fail to keep healthy practicality and boundaries.

The fifth day of Christmas, December 29, Tuesday, brings Capricorn energy, and we’ll see its effects in May. Now Capricorn is serious; about responsibility, working hard and business. It brings the manifestations and rewards for work done. Careful not to fall into being a workaholic, depression, or be so grim and frugal that you forget that you are working to enjoy life. Work to make the best of Capricorn for June.

Then there is the sixth day of Christmas. If you know the procession of the zodiac, then you have determined that December 30, Wednesday, is Aquarian energy. July will resonate back to you, how you value freedom and independence, as well as being humanitarian, joining group energies and being willing to speak your truth, Enlighten the world with your higher wisdom, and be your authentic unique self. Careful not to hibernate or be too cool, aloof and detached, nor so brilliantly eccentric that it’s not easy to have friends.

So comes New Year’s eve day and evening, the seventh day of Christmas. Seven is a very spiritual number, and falls on December 31st, Thursday. This time will represent August, regarding how you use Pisces’ energetics. Pisces can either drink like a fish until blotto, or connect with God’s light within. Helping others, enjoying music or movies, and listening to the angelic guidance called intuition can not only ring in a blissful new year at midnight, but if you choose otherwise, can see you needing others’ help to get you home, to a hospital or out of jail.

And on we go. Friday, New Years’ Day, January 1, 2016, is the eighth day of Christmas and Aries’ energy. It’s interesting that Aries represents new beginnings and self, as in who am I, and during the twelve days of Christmas, falls on the first day of the new year, every year. In our regular calendar the moment the sun goes into Aries, we have springtime! It is also the beginning of the astrological new year.

Aries asks you to be reborn and be like a new baby, renewed. If utilized outside of God’s light, we can employ the more challenging side of Aries, to be competitive versus cooperative, angry and warlike.  Who do you want to be in 2016? A leader makes others feel good about themselves and want to follow. Or Aries energy can jump in to things too fast, without thought, and pay consequences later. Resolve to be an inspiration to lead others, from the purity of being a new being, freshly, newly birthed from God. Watch what happens for you in September.

January 2 falls on a Saturday and as the 9th day of Christmas, we will be working with Taurus characteristics. Self esteem and worth. Money and income. Values. What matters more…the dollar or the person who gave you a dollar? Forgiveness starts with yourself. Built from love, and grounding that quality in you as your rock to stand upon, gives you a strong foundation to grow a valuable life, step by step, with quality values all the way. Taurus is also beauty. Take pride in how you present yourself, and more importantly, slow down and smell the roses.

January 3, Sunday is the 10th day of Christmas, and brings Gemini traits, which can be key to how we think, thereby what we say and do. Is your communication gossipy or seeing both sides of the story? Do you hold on to sad, poor-me stories, or live in the moment, breathe deeply and choose to see the blessings, joy and fun?  October will show you how you worked your mind on this day.

The eleventh day of Christmas would be January 4, Monday, with Cancer characteristics. Cancer rules family and home, nurturing like a mother, memories, and past lives. It’s interesting that these energies will show up in October, when the veil between the living and those who have passed away can

be lifted most; felt and heard most powerfully, as in hallowed evening’s Halloween, when we wear costumes and masks and dress like skeletons and ghosts.

Honor your loved ones, feed them comfort food, take out the photo albums and nurture those who feel like family. If your feelings get overwhelming, and you take on others’ problems too, give it all to our real parent, mother-father God, and let those energies lift off of you, up to be washed clean in heaven, so to speak. Come home to bliss, your real self.

The last day, the twelfth day of Christmas, will be Tuesday, January 5, and now Leo themes can take place for you, to see revealed in November. Leo can be prideful and enveloped in ego thoughts, but remember the ego is in place to battle your soul, which is God. You are made of God and when we act from God’s love we shine like the sun, and in our bright light all things can only be wonderful. We are warmed and healthy, knowing our throne and kingdom is at hand. We shine by being in our integrity, our royal selves. A little ego is fine, like a little salt or sugar, but too much and we get carried away; thinking the ego is’ the way.’

The falseness of what is not sturdy like God, i.e. goodness, will fall away. Lies, looks, money, prestige, reputation, etc., etc. The light holds all good things together while in this fleeting world of the physical, material realm. Life goes on after life, so live and create a good life, to have and to hold forever.  And the beat goes on. And on.

Love from Rachel Star of Sedona

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