Rachel Spirit

Road trip.  I’d rather drive than fly…I’ve flown across the country and driven cross country, both, but this time the decision was road trip.

With companion by my side, no, not the furry kind, but the man kind, I took the wheel and scurried down Arizona into New Mexico, and settled in Texas.

I was motivated to drive from the west to the east of Texas the next day. Whew, got that over with, right? The San Antonio night skyline was colorful, creative and amazing to see…not so much Houston, though Houston itself is probably fab.

Had to spend the night in N’Orleans of course…and must pronounce it right. Some fine Cajun fare for dinner, dessert at famous Café Dumonde, then dancing for hours.
Couldn’t leave our car too long where it was parked cuz Tom Cruise would be filming in a couple of hours.

Aah, the next day my first relative. Yay. Cried the ugly cry. Last time I saw him and his wife was at their wedding a year and a half ago in Florida. I’d made it to FLA. On to the next relatives, in a town further east. Pizza for everyone! My treat!

That same day/night we drove south and finally unpacked for a more extended hotel visit. Aaaah. Relatives galore and longer visitations. Even visitation in a hospital as companion and I discovered his relative had a sudden trip to the ER, then ICU. Wow. At this writing, his relative still has their leg in tact, not having lost it!

Was the date of our trip a God-send as my companion and his relative had a most meaningful reunion that meant more to his relative, bed-ridden in the hospital, than any holiday card, present or flowers could mean, delivered by a stranger? Yes, in deed!

On the way home, beautiful beaches deserve a beautiful day and we made sure to take advantage of the Florida weather and water. Splash and play, rest and sun. Next on the agenda, can I get some all-you-can-eat garlic crabs fresh from the local fishing fleet?

Memphis BBQ and jazz encouraged us to take that route north, then turned left to 40 and home through Flagstaff down what is named the most scenic drive in America…89A down the Canyon through Sedona.

I’ve been home with family for a pre-holiday gathering and home to decorate the tree in our home for the holy days.

May your days be sunny and bright, and may all your holy days be with people who care about you, like family, and reach new heights!

Love from Rachel Star of Sedona

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