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What you see is what you get. Right?  Then there’s, You can’t tell a book by its cover. Right?  Which is right?

So the shy girl may seem stuck up. It’s not her appearance, meaning her looks, it’s a determination your own programmed senses defaulted to believing, though another might sense a different look based on what had been fed into their brain by many strong persuasive influences. Humble? A quiet zen meditative consciousness, perhaps? You name it. 

Who fed your brain? Have you taken over?

In encouraging youth to compete, the inculcated belief system bleeds into more interpersonal social skills, which might discolor our cooperative nature to negotiate, share and wish each other well, but for not knowing you are me.

We can easier ‘name that tune’ in one note than name a person (or shame a person) by the characteristics we sense that they appear to have. More than how they appear to you is why do you tend to see through that type of filter in branding someone.

Not necessarily brand, as in place a hot iron on their skin and burn them, but perhaps marketing branding them with adjectives that you sell them as, when thinking, talking to them and about them.

They are you. Me. How do you feel about yourself? Are our eyes misty so that we don’t see colors clearly? Misty from so much crying in life?

See brown where green is? Misted over in not seeing clearly that how we treat others commands how we will be treated in life. Hmmm, what the heck is filtering in from past life interactions? What is being programmed for my future, by me now?

Many of us will never feel loved enough if we stay asleep. Parents or spouses could never be able to make us feel perfect and whole, as we have our own past issues to work through, regardless of current wealth or looks.

They need to have a life and you may have developed an issue of abandonment from it, which really is a result of unfinished emotional past life business that was already awaiting your attention to self healing.

The best suit of clothing can’t mask an inner feeling. Usually dressing ‘up’makes us feel like our best and self-respecting self, yet if you’re avoiding healing wounds, bleeding shows stains on your ‘clothing.’

If you’re getting dirty looks, what is translucent from your inner to your outer? On an ego trip? If you’ve been emotionally hurt, you might project hurting toward others to avoid possibly experiencing hurt again.

Do you see that hurt begets hurt onto others until we’re all hurting others first before we get hurt, which is all seeming illusion in the long run. In the moment now, you are blessed with much and joy is for the taking.

With a relationship connected to the divine loving source of our very being, we can know wholeness and self love. Give a pat on the hand, an ear to someone’s story. They might appear to have it all and be in charge, but that closer, longer hug might be the feeling of caring that changes their inner frequency to vibrate more in alignment with well beingness.

In astrology the rising sign (also called ascendant) is the open door to the first house of self.  Who am I, what do I look like, what personality traits appear on the outside. 

That’s the outer surface look, like the paint on the outside of the house, not the true substance of what’s within the entire charted zodiacal blueprint of the story of you, reflecting in the newborn you.

The story of the creation moment of your first breath intake; the music, colors and language of the planetary sky is what was in the air, creating a unique you on an ongoing path of evolution we are all raised up in, ongoing and ongoing. Upgoing and upgoing.

So in the natural law of lift, all things on the surface are not what they seem. Lift your thoughts higher, they’ll become loftier. In the light, all presents opportunity for enlightened truthful ways of seeing ourselves, others, and the consistent miracle of all that is in every moment.

You are all that is.  And so is your neighbor.  Let’s see ourselves in others’ eyes as we connect with ‘them.’

Love from Rachel Star of Sedona

Rachel’s nurturing Reading Room is now in West Sedona. Join class Fridays at 4:00.View her website www.goddesstheway.comwhere you can learn. Call 928-282-3444, cell 850-566-6698, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and LIKE her Facebook page, Rachel Star of Sedona. Each accurate, empowering, healing, guiding Reading renders insightful inspiration channeled via loving Tarot, Astrology, Past Life insight, Numbers , a 100% accurate Cards system, evoking clarity and relief. In person in Sedona, or by telephone in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Feel physical and emotional relief with Reiki or medicine-grade essential oils.


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