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It’s never been easier for authors and artists to manifest their works in print. Gone are the days where a writer has to invest thousands of dollars to see their book in printed form. Today, you can publish a book within a matter of hours and have it in your home within days instead of months. Self-publishing isn’t limited to the production of novels and poetry books, either. Artists, photographers and crafters are creating fabulous portfolio, reference, and coffee table books, too. So if you’ve been thinking about publishing your own work read on…


Why Self Publish?


As with anything in life, there are pros and cons to weigh before taking those glorious steps into any new venture. Most authors dream of the big time, scoring a dreamy deal with a publishing company that will do “all the legwork” for you and give you a nice fat check to get you started. The truth is - getting a publisher to read past your cover letter is more difficult than planning a mission to mars these days. Their marketing for you is mostly just piggybacking on their name, as they are looking for more and more authors that have their own following and marketing plan. And advances are a thing of the past with most book publishers (unless you are a brand-named author).


So what do you do when you’ve been handed a dozen rejection letters (or you choose not to write them in the first place)?




When you self publish and design your own books you have complete creative control with your entire product. You can create a unique design that stands out past the cookie-cutter works that are pumped out by the bigger names out there. Oh and did I mention royalties? Take home about 70% or more instead of the 8-15% you would see with a traditional publisher. Personally, I like knowing that I have complete control over a book I write. I can change it any time and release a new addition, or even just put it out of print if I’ve changed my mood. The choices are all yours to make, no contracts to tie you down. Plus, no one cares if Harper Collins or Lulu Press has published you – your creativity shouldn’t be about the bling of a big name, but more about your own creative vision.


The first step to self-publishing is to release all that fear. We all know that we can’t get anything done if we listen to all that fear constantly. Sure you have a lot of questions, but you can do research or take a workshop. The point is to take action! Did you know that you could create a book online and publish it the same day? Did you know that you could market yourself for free? There are no more excuses to putting your creative works in print. Which reminds me – I’m teaching a workshop on self-publishing and marketing with social media May 18-19, 2013. My intensive two-day workshop covers the publishing industry (including print on demand) on day one and then marketing, social media and promoting your book on day two.


Just remember – what you need most is your own motivation. Don’t be afraid to take that step into the world of publishing and make yourself stand out. You can do it – I believe in you!


You can visit or call 928-282-3809 to sign up for my workshop.


Remember: grow; learn; conserve; preserve; create; question; educate; change; and free your mind.

About: Kelli Klymenko is an artist, teacher, marketing director and free thinker experiencing life in one of the most inspiring and picturesque places on earth with his fabulous wife and children.