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Facilitating Art and Community Since 1958

Here at the Art Barn, we keep an open door for creative people, ideas, and proposals. In fact, each and every day we meet artists who come in and share their thoughts on community development, collaboration, and new ways of engaging others in the arts. As your local creative hub, part of our mission is to nurture, cultivate, and advance great ideas. Sharing yours begins with a stop at 15 Art Barn Road, and a walk into our administrative offices at the Art Barn.

Once there, you'll find our new Community Relations Coordinator, Valerie Pulido, ready to listen, advise you how to plan an event in our facilities, or help connect you with our local partners. If you have a proposal for a new workshop, community outreach, or arts education activity, you might meet our Executive Director, Eric Holowacz, and School Director, Vince Fazio. They welcome interesting new possibilities all the time—and play an active role in advancing them. If you have an upcoming event that needs promotion, you might sit with our Marketing Director, Kelli Klymenko and learn what the Arts Center can do for members and colleagues. And if you want to become involved in our gallery or future exhibition programming, you will love talking with Cyndi Thau and Adryanna Ciera about all the possibilities.

Perhaps you are new to Sedona, or not even from here. Thousands of our workshop students and gallery visitors come from all over the world in search of a small town with a big creative core. Our door is always open to strangers—because we realize that nurturing creative relationships has always been part of the Arts Center's purpose. And besides: there's no such thing as a stranger, just a friend we haven't met yet.

Our latest initiative—in partnership with our old friends at Verde Valley School—is all about making new friends and creative connections. Sedona Summer Colony is designed to enhance our local creative community, welcome and support new artists and ideas, and advance 21st century cultural production in a way that we never have before. This summer, the program will invite and welcome Northern Arizona artists as day residents who want to be part of the overall community and its activities.  

Sedona Arts Center has kept an open door and facilitated new art almost every day since our founding in 1958. Here in our corner of Uptown, we consider it part of our mission to welcome, talk with, share resources, and help other creative people do their thing. We'd like to think that our community is all the more interesting and creative because of that. And thanks to thousands of people and partners—those ready to bring ideas and a spirit of collaboration through our door—Sedona has become a better and more inspiring place. 

So don't be afraid to pack your own ideas, knock on the Art Barn office door, connect with your hometown arts center, and then propose something great.