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Two-week program featuring Filmmaking, Visual Arts and Ceramics

If you have a creative teenager looking for summer opportunities, Sedona Arts Center has the program for you. Sedona Arts Center has announced its 2016 Summer Camp for Creative Kids, which will feature two weeks of instruction in filmmaking, ceramics, and visual arts.

Camp sessions are planned for June 13 to 24 and July 11 to 22, and provide a rich environment for children ages 10 to 14 to find creative inspiration. Activities will be guided by local film-maker Bryan Reinhart, theatre and visual arts leader Kate Hawkes, and the Arts Center Ceramics Department director, Dennis Ott. 

Over the two weeks, students will work in groups to create a concept, develop a script, shoot and edit a movie. All finished films will be screened on the last day of camp. For the visual arts portion of the program, camp participants will create unique projects, individually and with a group, combining the idea of the painted word in two and three dimensions. These projects will be on exhibition the final day of camp. Two days each week will include ceramics studio activities, where students will learn to work with clay and the potter’s wheel, and a final project fired with raku and high fire finishes.

“Our summer camps offer young people the opportunity to explore visual communication, artistic collaboration, and creative process—and provide tangible and often amazing outcomes. Students can explore age-old traditions like ceramics and pottery, learn new visual arts techniques, and use digital technology to gain 21st century skills.” 

Those interested in Summer Camp for Creative Kids can register now online at or by visiting Sedona Arts Center’s offices in Uptown. 

“Young people who need support to attend can also apply for an Arts Center Scholarship, which can cover some or all of the costs of summer camp,” said Fazio. “We want to encourage creative development and remove barriers to participation, and our scholarships help us do that."  

Sedona Arts Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the creative life of Sedona and the cultural opportunities in Northern Arizona. The Center’s School offers over 100 arts workshops, classes and crash courses each year. Programs for the community also include annual festivals, gallery exhibitions, professional development opportunities, and much more. For more information about how you can participate in any of the Arts Center’s efforts, call 928-282-3809 or visit the gallery or offices in Uptown Sedona.