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Sedona Arts Center has big plans for 2016, with new projects, expanded arts education programs, and exciting community partnerships in the works. The local nonprofit recently bolstered its community arts outreach efforts in partnership with the Monument Valley High School art department.   

Five talented students were hosted by the Arts Center for a three-day intensive painting workshop, under the guidance of Chinese-American artist, Qiang Huang. The students from the Navajo Reservation were selected by their art teacher James Johnson and the outreach project was supported fully by Sedona Arts Center scholarship funds.

“Thanks to the Arts Center’s wonderful staff and facilities, five standout students got to spend a long weekend at the Art barn developing their skills with master artists,” said Johnson.” Each student gained incredible knowledge and instruction from a professional oil painter, and found new aesthetic experiences. It was invaluable."  

The Gretchen Lopez Scholarship Fund provided funding for the Arts Center’s Monument Valley partnership, a special outreach fund established by Jay and Sheri Young. Additional support came from the Kling Family Foundation, which provides ongoing support for scholarships and community outreach at the Sedona Arts Center. 

“We are blessed to have an incredible community of supporters and creative people,” said Kath Gilliam, Board Chair of Sedona Arts Center. “Our organization places a priority on artistic opportunity, education and outreach, and building a strong creative community. This project is just one of many we’d like to grow over the coming year."

Participating students—Crystal Stanley (16), Winter Garcia (15), Tanin Carlson (15), Monique Cly (15) and Kimberlyn Yellowhair (15)—immersed themselves in the intricate process of still-life oil painting, formal composition, light and color, and other aspects taught by Qiang Huang. The workshop weekend also included advice on selling work online, marketing for artists, and career pathways.

“The students saw the range of diverse opportunities await those who nurture creativity and master an art form,” said Johnson. "They observed the Arts Center’s professional staff and the setup and behind-the scenes process, and all of them felt the warmth and generosity of the Art Barn environment.”  

The Arts Center’s community arts outreach projects will continue to expand throughout the coming year. The organization welcomes suggestions, proposals, and new partners who might benefit form a creative class, arts workshop, or community-building project driven by the arts.  

For individuals, the Arts Center’s scholarships are always available for upcoming classes, course, and workshops. Potential students may enquire and apply at any time, and staff are available to advise those who have financial or personal need that might otherwise restrict participation. 

Sedona Arts Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the creative life of Sedona and the cultural identity of Northern Arizona. Programs for the community encompass arts education, diverse gallery exhibitions, cultural celebrations, community partnerships, annual festivals, and much more. For information about how to get more creative, or to make a contribution towards a future scholarship, contact the Arts Center office at 928-282-3809 or visit