Sedona Real Estate Blog

Activity levels still seem high, but there are signs of the spring market slowing down a bit.  Per my status update 2 weeks back, there are 7 less properties on the market and 7 less in escrow.  So, the market's evening out - but look for activity levels to drop a bit when the summer months arrive.


  This is typical of the market activity, so we're not seeing anything new here - just check the market activity in the past few summers - the numbers always slide a little.  We are fortunate enough to have an actual Spring this year - it's been unlike any other year since I've been in town.  We actually have clouds sometimes and we've had a little bit of rain.  This is a welcome change to have cooler than average temperatures through the end of May.  We're all grateful here in Sedona!

One item that I've been thinking about is the number of California buyers... I'm not sure if it's just me, but it seems that we have more CA buyers than other years - and my idea is that the market there is flying high (so owners are cashing in and moving to a more affordable place), and they're also escaping the high taxes of CA, and potentially, the CA drought is making people think of moving out of the state.  Not sure if it's one or two of these reasons, but together makes it look to be an appealing affordable place compared to California!  Thoughts?