Sedona Real Estate Blog

OK... inventory is up a little bit - as we're currently at 430 residential units on the market, but there are a whopping 80 already tied up with buyers - making a total of 350 truly available places in Sedona.  If we take out condos/townhomes/manufactured homes - we're left with only 296 available single family homes in the Sedona area.  There are only 17 homes left in town priced under $300k. 


If you're looking for a deal this property came available this week and is a super deal for someone looking for an affordable home in Sedona -  it needs work, but it's a good deal.  (not my listing, just a well priced home that will sell quickly)

The hottest segment of the market is the $300k-$500k range - where we have 90 available homes and 24 currently in escrow with buyers.  As an Uptown Sedona resident I'm actively involved in many of the home sales in that niche area.  It's the smallest part of town and there aren't many places on the market, but they tend to sell quickly due to the views, proximity to National Forest and fantastic scenic neighborhoods.  There have been a handful of homes pop up in the 400k-600k range and here's the current list 

I haven't suggested homes in certain areas or price ranges before, so I'm not sure how this will be received, but I thought I'd put it out there to gauge public interest.  As always I'm available for questions, comments and your ideas...