Now in full swing, the Sedona Summer Arts Colony is the brainchild of Paul Amadio, head of Verde Valley School, and Eric Holowacz, executive director of Sedona Arts Center, and cosponsored by their two respective organizations.

The impetus of the colony began in fall 2015 during the first meeting between the two men. They invited about 40 local artists, art promoters and figures, myself included, to a dinner at the school shortly thereafter to give us all a heads-up about the program they were planning to launch.

The Sedona Police Department, along with U.S. Forest Service law enforcement officials and social service workers, have swept two areas in city limits where people have been camping illegally.

According to U.S. Forest Service rules, people can camp at any one location on the forest for up to two weeks without a permit. The rules vary from national forest to national forest, but in general, campers cannot camp elsewhere in that forest for two weeks, not can they return to that same site for 30 or 60 days. The city limits of Sedona contain several hundred acres of the Coconino National Forest within its boundaries.

There was a heavy downpour on Wednesday, July 19.

Like many Sedona residents, I watched the buildup of towering black storm clouds east of Schnebly Hill Road in the late afternoon and had just stepped into my house in West Sedona when the storm hit and it was furious with rain falling at a 45-degree angle, completely obscuring my views of Airport Mesa, Capital Butte and Cathedral Rock, which I can usually see from my living room, as well as neighbors’ homes.

There are few organizations in Sedona that provide as mass an appeal as the Sedona Public Library.

Whether a city-organized committee, a publicly funded nonprofit or a private enterprise, few offer such a wide variety of programs to all age groups and backgrounds in the community. Our newspaper is full of them.

Yavapai County is asking too much with its proposed flood district tax increase.

The county is looking to raise its rate by a whopping 24.44 percent. The county reasons that rates had dipped in prior budgets and that the county is running on a deficit. Raising the tax to cover a deficit is one thing, but to think that shifting numbers around to give a tax that is “only” 18 percent on bills is still a big pill to swallow.

Every part of American government has its purpose.

Legislatures and councils make the laws. Presidents and governors enforce them. County supervisors and city councils set local policies while civil servants at all levels operate the day-to-day agencies to serve the people whose tax money funds their departments. The courts “say what the law is” and, when necessary, issue rulings or writs to ensure government officials and private citizens obey those laws.

Just over Mingus Mountain and across State Route 69, the largest local wildfire burning this fire season caused the evacuation of the town of Mayer, a town of roughly 1,400 people that drivers pass through on State Route 69 when heading from Interstate 17 to Prescott and Prescott Valley.

The human-caused Goodwin Fire began Saturday, June 24 and burned over 4,100 acres by Monday, June 26, though the exact cause is still under investigation.

“Fake news” is a misnomer. Either it is “news,” published by a newspaper or media outlet, or a report issued by a government, research university or a nonprofit, or it is “fake” — a propaganda piece intentionally crafted to deceive those who read it for either political, financial or personal reasons.

While many people seem to think the issue of “fake news” is an insurmountable obstacle, it’s actually quite easy to determine truth from fiction.

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