Last week, I was competing at the 27th annual National Poetry Slam, a weeklong tournament held this year in Decatur, Ga.

NPS 2016Poetry topics ranged from social justice, identity, gender equality and politics to death, sexual assault, domestic violence, suicide survival and mental illness to love and sex, some funny, some deadly serious and most emotionally moving.

School resumes this week through Sedona and the Verde Valley.

With school back in session, it means more children will be on the sidewalks and streets early in the morning and in the afternoon.

For most of children, back-to-school is nothing new, but for others, walking, biking or taking the bus to school is a new activity and some may not necessarily be the safest or aware of traffic or the rules.

It’s election season in Sedona and we have seven candidates running for five seats on City Council.

No candidates put forth their names to challenge incumbent Mayor Sandy Moriarty, making her reelection a foregone conclusion.

For the rest of the field, candidates who win 50 percent plus one vote in the primary election on Tuesday, Aug. 30, will be declared the winner. If candidates don’t reach that threshold, they will continue on to the general election on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Sedona police officers and Yavapai County Sheriff’s deputies responded July 20 to an incident involving a driver with a reported weapon who had allegedly threatened to shoot “as many people as he needed to.”

By coincidence, photojournalist Jordan Reece was in the area and pulled over to photograph the scene that we published in our Friday, July 22, edition and online.

“All politics is theater” is the old adage. Whether you choose to interpret that as a military theatre of operations or stage theater, much of modern American national politics is seesaw between two rival powers who honestly agree on values and duties about 95 percent of time, but most of their time arguing about that final 5 percent. Occasionally, on idle Tuesdays between lunch and midafternoon, laws get passed and actual governing gets done.

Shop locally and keep our economy strong.

For more than 50 years, we’ve been catering to Sedona and the Verde Valley. We know it’s a good idea to keep our money circulating locally, supporting small business owners and the economy of the Verde Valley.

Money spent with local merchants pays local employers and local employees who, if they also shop locally, trade for goods and services with other local merchants. Our economy is only as strong as we choose to make it.

Elections in rural Arizona are odd creatures.

On the local level, city and town elections are by law nonpartisan affairs, meaning voters must choose from a slate of candidates, whose names appear on ballots sans the familiar R, D, L or G behind their name, indicating their political party affiliation.

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