Five years ago, members of a women’s hiking group made their way along a trail in Long Canyon.

Their subject of discussion: Ben’s Bells, a kindness-promoting effort that had recently sprouted up in Tucson.

Ben Fama Jr., director of the upcoming film “A Reason to Believe,” holds nothing back in his online videos: He is brash, given to creative swearing and utterly unapologetic about his atheism.

“I’m a very outspoken person and I say I what I think,” Fama said. “I’ve debated many people over these topics. I’m not afraid to step on a few toes.”

Sedona Red Rock High School Music Director Courtney Yeates will admit to turning down the offer for her current position a number of times before finally accepting — before being, in her words, “kind of steamrolled” into taking on the task of turning a disorganized program into something truly noteworthy.

In South Korea, in 1953, Pfc. William D. Nicholoff sat at the bottom of a trench dug at the foot of a hill as mortar fire rained down from enemy combatants. As long as he kept himself hidden, he would be relatively safe. What he did not know is that the man next to him, a new recruit, had gotten scared enough to consider running.

In the Fry’s Cottonwood parking lot Friday, Dec. 18, a crowd of car enthusiasts formed to follow Santa Claus on one of his season’s earliest deliveries.

St. Nick climbed into his vintage brown truck — a vehicle sporting a six-shooter pistol welded to its stick shift — honked the horn and whooped. Like a team of reindeer in reverse, a line of mint-condition classics followed the jolly old elf west along State Route 260, south toward the Verde River and finally to Shannon McDonald’s door.

About a month-and-a-half ago, the Sedona Public Library held the second of its twice-annual book sales, each of which raises approximately $12,000 for the organization.

Just as in prior years, Marlene Conklin was a big part of the event’s success — though you may be forgiven for not knowing this. Largely unseen, her efforts reveal just how much goes on behind the scenes during a book sale.

Three years ago, Don “Doc” Adams died, leaving a hole not only in the Sedona Red Rock High School athletics program but in the broader community.

“Doc Adams spent 20 years of his life dedicated to SRRHS, supporting all sports programs for both boys and girls,” Sedona-Oak Creek School District Superintendent David Lykins said.

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