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George Tice’s motor home brought him to Sedona in 1982, at least that’s how he said it happened.

In reality, the blue-eyed man with dazzling white hair was living in New Hampshire and wanted to get away from the long, cold winters on the East Coast. He first stopped in Prescott and parked there for a while, but didn’t like it — too cold, too much snow.

On a road trip he came over to Sedona, fell in love with the city and the scenery, went back to Prescott, got his motor home and never looked back.

atrandom-1-22Tice came here thinking he was retired and never planned on getting involved with politics. That didn’t last long. Shortly after he arrived, he started getting involved with, yes, politics and lots of other groups.

“I did put in six years on the [Sedona Fire District] fire board and four years on the City Council. I’ve been involved with the city and politics since I’ve been here,” Tice said and smiled. “Now I’m an ombudsman for the city and chairman of the COPS committee and treasurer of about seven organizations in town.”

A person standing nearby who is a friend of Tice heard him run off his list and said teasingly, “He’s probably the richest man in town being treasurer for all those organizations.”

He is finishing up a year serving on the board of the Humane Society of Sedona as well as terms on a few other organizations.

“Seems to be I just like to be involved,” Tice said and winked. “I have to be retired; I’m too busy to get a job.”

As a hobby — he does have some time free — Tice collects old things, antiques. He loves going to yard sales and to thrift shops to find the unusual, the collectible and items he can’t resist buying.

“I always find that somebody’s trash is another’s treasure. I picked up a Carnival Glass water set. It looked good and the price was right. I kept it for several years and when I decided to sell it I was very surprised. It sold for a lot more than I paid,” he said.

Before retirement, Tice was as active as he is today. Born and reared in Brooklyn, N.Y., he went into the service along with many of his classmates. When he came back he moved upstate and ran a service station. He worked with firearms in New Hampshire where he had a general store.

New Hampshire is where Tice started his involvement with politics when he helped elect Gov. Meldrim Thompson Jr. in 1973. One of Thomson’s slogans was, “Ax the Tax.” He served until 1979.

“A little after that I left there and came out here. That’s when I said I’d never be in politics again. Ha!” he said. “I’ve enjoyed my life here in Sedona. It’s a great place.”



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