It’s thought to be the oldest original standing building still in Sedona and later this month it celebrates a major milestone.

The U.S. Forest Service ranger station on Brewer Road turns 100 and to celebrate the city is hosting an open house from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, May 20.

Last week the Sedona City Council spent two full days going over next year’s budget. And while many of the facts and figures were standard, one stood out more than the rest — $63,685,246.

That is the cost of the proposed road work over the next 10 years.

But only $5 million of that is funded — everything beyond that is unfunded at this point.

The Sedona City Council is brushing up on its interviewing skills as the city is seeking to hire a new magistrate judge. Recently, council did not renew the contract of Magistrate Judge Lewis Levin.

However, that does not preclude him from applying for the opening. The position has already been posted using a previously-created job description and brochure.

The city of Sedona has awarded service contracts for more than two decades to a handful of entities in town to not only help keep the lights on but more importantly to provide services to the residents.

These contracts help fund services the city does not provide but might otherwise provide in the absence of that community organization, and others are simply intended to provide additional public benefit, a city report states.

Late last year the city of Sedona filed a lawsuit against a company seeking damages for breach of contract. This week it was settled.

An agreement was reached between the city against the Delaware-based Sun Edison Government Solutions for $375,000.

Like other issues such as traffic and tourism, talk about the lack of affordable housing in Sedona is not a new one. In fact, there was even a city commission dedicated to the topic.

The city of Sedona is now once again looking into what options it has in terms of trying to solve this issue — or crisis as some have called it.

In a surprise turnabout, a bill before the state legislature that would have increased the sewer bill for Sedona residents failed to get enough votes to pass.

On Monday, April 17, Senate Bill 1430 was heard on the floor of the state House but was rejected by a vote of 37 to 17. This bill was introduced by Sen. Warren Petersen [R-District 12, Chandler and Gilbert] and was seeking to preempt cities from charging wastewater service fees for vacant parcels that are not currently connected to the system.

The city of Sedona’s transportation master plan is now in the home stretch as possible alternatives to reduce traffic are being narrowed down.

The Sedona City Council has already received some options at previous meetings including those for the Uptown area and Red Rock Crossing. During its April 12 meeting the focus was on State Route 179 as it enters Sedona. The $250,000 traffic study’s draft plan and public outreach will be in June with a final plan presented to council in July.

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