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A broken pipe at the Sedona City Hall left water about a foot deep rushing between buildings before it could be turned off.

The result is that several departments have been displaced until repairs can be made. According to City Engineer Andy Dickey, police personnel noticed the water around 5 a.m. Saturday, June 3.

He said that a water main ruptured in the courtyard between the Human Resources and Community Development buildings.

“Concrete slabs were fractured and undermined, and two buildings were flooded,” Dickey said, adding that there was no damage to the foundation of either but that there was minor drywall and carpeting damage. “I was surprised by the extent of the flooding — it reached further than I expected.” He said the damage has been estimated at around $70,000 to $80,000.

A hole, about four feet deep at the spot of the water break, had been cordoned off with caution tape. The city estimated that employees will be displaced at least through the end of this week. Dickey said because of the warm temperatures and the fact that the carpeting is industrial with padding, it should dry much faster than normal carpeting.

This week, the Finance Department can be found in the City Clerk’s Office, Human Resources in the IT building and Community Development in the Vultee Room.

“There was minimal impact to Human Resources, thankfully,” Human Resources Director Brenda Tammarine said. “Everything is computerized and accessible electronically so I can work virtually anywhere. The only issue is filing of paperwork, but that can wait a week.”

Community Development Director Audree Juhlin added, “Everyone came together, rolled up their sleeves and did what was necessary to set up temporary offices in order for us to be back in business and open to the public in a matter of hours. While the displacement is a bit of an inconvenience and are services are somewhat limited, we appreciate the cooperation and understanding our customers.”


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