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Oak Creek Mobile Lodge may be redeveloped — eliminating the mobile homes and incorporating 50 condominiums — if city officials give developers the go-ahead.

By Trista Steers
Larson Newspapers

Oak Creek Mobile Lodge may be redeveloped — eliminating the mobile homes and incorporating 50 condominiums — if city officials give developers the go-ahead.

The Oak Creek Mobile Lodge on Hwy. 179 would become The Falls at Oak Creek.

Redevelopment would include eight units considered affordable. Eight units out of 50 makes 16 percent of the housing affordable, which is 4 percent higher than the percentage recommended by Sedona?s Housing Commission.

?I think it sets a rather ambitious standard for Sedona,? Hochhauser Blatter architect Jay Blatter said.

Don and Cathy Campbell, owners of the property, hired Blatter to design the project.

Blatter estimated a $28 million contribution by the developer in profit lost on affordable units in his presentation to the Planning and Zoning Commission on March 6.

But, Commissioner Denise Barnhart asked, how many families would the development displace?

Oak Creek Mobile Lodge?s 3.88-acre site currently houses 59 mobile homes. The plan calls for all of those to be removed and replaced by five buildings.

?It does sadden me to see 59 affordable units go,? Driggs said, but he added that eight is better than nothing.

?What you are giving is generous and I appreciate what we?re getting,? Commissioner Hal Driggs told Blatter and the Campbells.

Commission Chair John Griffin said this won?t be the only project of this nature the commission reviews.

?Redevelopment is going to happen. We?re going to be faced with it all across town,? Griffin said.

The commission completed a conceptual review of a rezone proposal that would allow construction of the units. No decisions are made during conceptual review.

The property is currently zoned ?single-family residential? and developers want it changed to ?planned residential development.?

Currently, the mobile lodge occupies the property zoned ?single-family residential? because it existed prior to adoption of city zoning.

Commissioners commented on Blatter?s preliminary design and told him height restrictions could be loosened on this particular site.

?My opinion is that the height is not an issue,? John Griffin, commission chair, said.

The property elevation is lower than Hwy. 179, which sits right next to it, so tall buildings would be concealed by the hillside.

Now, Blatter returns to the drawing board before presenting an actual zone change proposal to the commission. A zone change proposal would then be reviewed by the Sedona City Council.

?We have our work cut out for us but that?s what makes it fun designing here,? Blatter told the commission.


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