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It was one of those days for personnel from the Sedona Fire District.

The day included a lightning strike on a condominium, a wildfire and a swift-water rescue and ended with a rescue off Bell Rock.

At around 5:30 p.m., crews responded to the popular hiking area for a stranded individual who was unable to go up or down the rock face.

Crews determined that the individual was on the south-facing side of the mountain, about 30 feet up. Rescuers hiked to the scene, rappelled down and then lowered 19-year-old Brad Williamson to the ground at 6:45 p.m.

Williamson, who was visiting from North Carolina, said he, his sister and dad had decided to hike Bell Rock following the heavy, early-afternoon rains.

“I got off the trail and started climbing up and then got stuck so I started working my way down,” he said. “As I was going down I got stuck on a ridge and realized there was no way out.”

He said he had to crouch on the small ledge and that there wasn’t room to stretch out.

“It was mind over matter,” he said. “The only time I really got nervous was when my legs began to cramp up and shake.”

Williamson called 911 after deciding it was best to stay in place instead of trying to work his way down even further. A short time after that, he dropped his phone.

“I debated on whether or not to try and slide down,” Williamson said. “But then I decided it was better to just wait and be rescued. I’m glad I did. I want to thank these guys — they’re real-life heroes.”

When asked what lesson he learned and what he’d like to say to other visiting hikers, he said, “Don’t hike without proper gear and don’t get yourself into a situation you can’t get out of. Stay on the trails. That’s the reason they’re there.”


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