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As a homeowner, imagine finding out that a third of the property in which your house sits on is technically owned by someone else.

That’s the situation the Sedona Fire District recently found itself in. In doing his research for the bond that will appear on this November’s ballot, Chief Kris Kazian found that one of three parcels that Station 4 in Uptown sits on was not owned by SFD but rather Coconino County.

When he addressed the issue with county officials, he said it was their belief the land was owned by SFD. In his staff report, Kazian said research of the parcels showed Coconino County owning the parcel and other paperwork referenced the parcel being given to SFD in the 1982 purchase of a parcel.

“Working with Coconino County and specifically Supervisor Matt Ryan and his staff, we were able to work in the interest of good and responsible government to correct a situation that was created,” he wrote. “There was one parcel on the tax rolls that was still deeded to Coconino County and both parties believed that parcel was meant to be deeded to SFD as part of a previous land purchase between Coconino County and Sedona Fire District.”

Coconino County Board of Supervisors has since signed over the ownership of the property for the parcel located under Station 4.

“They realized that the parcel was supposed to have been deeded to us back in 1982,” Kazian said to the board. “Long story short, the county filed a quit claim deed and signed over the parcel to us. Now we’re just waiting for it to be recorded. That parcel will soon be in the ownership of Sedona Fire District.”

He then thanked Ryan for his timeliness in this matter and being a good steward to those constituents in the county that he represents.

“It’s excellent that that’s cleaned up, especially since we’re eventually looking to bulldoze and rebuild on that spot and now we won’t have any issues with that,” SFD Chairman Ty Montgomery said.


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