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The city of Sedona spent $12,291.78 on its 2006 holiday party for 168 staff and volunteers.
By Trista Steers
Larson Newspapers

The city of Sedona spent $12,291.78 on its 2006 holiday party for 168 staff and volunteers.

Radisson Poco Diablo Resort hosted the evening early in December with live music by the Sammy Davis Band.

The city budgeted $12,000 for the party under “special programs” in the City Council’s budget.

The additional $291.78 also came from “special programs,” City Manager Eric Levitt said.

According to Levitt, the city spent a similar amount on last year’s party also held at Radisson Poco Diablo Resort.

In 2003 the city spent only $5,676.01 on its party at the Sedona Elks Lodge, Admini-strative Assistant for the City Manager D’Nell Monroe said.

According to Monroe, in 2003, only 135 people attended, an outside party catered the event and a DJ played, cutting costs.

The city paid the Sammy Davis Band $700 to play at the party.

Radisson Poco Diablo Resort raked in $11,591.78 from the city.

Catering by Culinary Creations by Beth in 2003 cost almost $4,000, according  to Monroe.

This year, the city paid $52 per person for a traditional holiday buffet for 168 people totaling $11,482.

The meal included salad, turkey, beef, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, desert, and  a choice of coffee or tea.

“It was the cheapest menu they had available,” Monroe said.

According to Sherri Ferguson, director of convention and catering services at the resort, cheaper options are available.

“Traditionally the buffet’s a lot higher [in cost],” Ferguson said.

Catered buffets cost more because there is no way to control cost, according to Ferguson.

Catering by the plate is cheaper.

Dinners cost between $35 and $45 per plate depending on the choice of meat. Chicken’s on the cheaper side. Beef is more expensive.

Dinners by the plate also include salad, starch item, vegetable, desert and beverage.

Plated meals are available for holiday parties, Ferguson said.

On top of the $11,482.25, the city’s bill included a $109.53 charge for two bartenders.

The city did not pay for any alcoholic beverages for guests, Levitt said.

In 2003, the city paid to rent space at the Elks Lodge. Radisson Poco Diablo Resort waived the space rental fee.

According to Levitt, only a few locations can accommodate their annual party.

“We’re somewhat limited by the size of our party,” Levitt said.

The venue must be capable of accommodating 175 to 200 people, Levitt said.

Also, Levitt insists the location is within Sedona city limits.

Due to limiting variables, Levitt said, the city doesn’t conduct a formal bidding process.

Although, the city does call around to compare prices, Levitt said.


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